Lemon Vanilla Baking Soda Free Deodorant No.05

4.4 5 0 21 21 The milk + honey Lemon, Vanilla Baking Soda Free Deodorant No.05 is a gentle, aluminum-free, baking soda-free deodorant designed to nourish sensitive skin while keeping you feeling (and smelling) fresh all day.
Lemon Vanilla Baking Soda Free Deodorant No.05


Amazing scent, great for sensitive skin!
The fresh sweet lemon scent it amazing, I have never come across another deodorant which features a scent like this one! Leaves you with a fresh feeling all day! I have found the baking soda free and aluminum free deodorant really help with my sensitive skin! This deodorant is long lasting and has great protection from odor throughout the day!
I love this product. The scent is sweet lemon was very pleasant. Its easy to apply and lasts a long time. Highly recommend!
Not wow
I had tried many brands of deodorant because I have a problem with excessive sweating. This deodorant didn’t work good especially in sunny days. I didn’t like so much the odor. I think it would work for people who don’t face any problems with excessive sweating.
Tried many
I’ve tried many deodorant alternatives and this one actually works plus it smells delicious. I love having both the lavender and the lemon for different scent days. Thankful for a safe and healthy deodorant that really works and keeps me smelling fresh rather than artificial.
Not Very Effective in the End
I really wanted to love this deodorant. The scent is sweet lemon, not sharp, not strong. It was rough on my armpits when I first got it (the stick was very, very hard), but after the first few days, it softened enough to go on more gently and I figured it would last forever. And it seemed to work. Maybe two applications each day? Not bad! But once the weather went to the 80s, I needed to reapply it three more times each day, and sometimes a fourth time. If I didn't reapply (including before bed!), I smelled as if I had never applied it, even when the weather had cooled. And then as it began to run out (with a good two inches left in the tube), the consistency changed, becoming sticky and messy, like smooth porridge. I kept using it because I liked the scent so much (and didn't have anything else on hand!). Maybe this is a good winter deodorant, or one for people who don't sweat a lot. I wish it had lasted longer in its wonderful early post-hardness texture.
Lemon vanilla baking soda
Lemon vanilla baking soda The key is it's deodorant free. Which is exactly what I am looking for I don't want to use deodorant or antiperspirant that have metal in it that are bad for your body your skin. The key is it's deodorant free. Which is exactly what I am looking for I don't want to use deodorant or antiperspirant that have metal in it that are bad for your body your skin. This deodorant had everything I was looking for I will continue to use it and it smells amazing try it you may like it
I like this deodorant. It's very gentle! It works, but if you are really sweating, you'll probably need to reapply! Overall, I think it's worth it to use something gentle without harsh ingredients.
Pretty good deodorant
This is a really good deodorant especially if you are looking for an aluminum-free, baking-soda free one. The smell is great and just like any other deodorant I would recommend reapplying it if you are outside for the better part of the day. I would highly recommend this deodorant!
love it so much!
Such a great deodorant. It's one of the nicest products I've used so far; the scent lingers and leaves me feeling refreshed, and unlike most, it doesn't irritate my underarms. I think smell is wonderful and I certainly recommend it! superior to generic brands from Target or Walmart. Additionally, the aroma is great and the skin doesn't dry out. Just a few more smells are needed to complete this almost ideal deodorant.
Wonderful product
Love this deodorant. It’s One of the best ones I’ve tried so far the smell is always there & it have me feeling refreshing & doesn’t irritate my underarms like most. I love smell its amazing I would definitely recommend!
Love this deodorant! One of the best ones I tried the smell is always there & it leaves me feeling refreshed & doesn’t irritate my underarms like most! The smell is amazing also will never buy a different brand, would recommend!
Good Product
The product was good and long lasting. Better then the generic brands from Walmart or Target. Also the skin does not dry up and the scent is wonderful. Nearly perfect deodrant just needs more scents to be included
All natural
I really like this deodorant. Its all natural and smells amazing. Its easy to apply and lasts a long time. Highly recommend!
Does good job, needs a few tweaks
While I did love this deodorant because it's aluminum free, gluten free and chemical free I still feel like it needs a few little tweaks. The scent is awesome and it did help me not to start smelling stinky throughout the day. I still feel like it didn't have staying power because I did reapply it and that's ok. It was kind of hard to get out of the tube on first application, it does better when it's warm to the touch. Other than those little suggestions I would say this was an overall win. I can get over the little things because of the big things that I like about it more!!
not so great
I'm really picky with deodorants, and i don't feel like this one is that great. mid day i had to reapply, and its definitely not sufficient for a long summers day. It dose smell great though.

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