Schmidt’s Rose + Black Pepper Natural Deodorant

3.7 5 0 99 99 This Schmidt''s Rose + Black Pepper hemp seed oil-enriched deodorant is gender neutral and formulated for sensitive skin. The Rose + Black Pepper scent smells like fragrant rosy florals mixed with a flash of cracked peppercorn for an edgy kind of rose and sweetness.
Schmidt’s Rose + Black Pepper Natural Deodorant


Lovely and works!
This deodorant is really really nice. Love how it does not stain and smells amazing! Easy to apply and lasts all day - totally love this. Even though I am typically I am not a fan of such deodorants.
Weird smell
I wanted to switch to a natural deodorant and Schmidt’s Rose + Black Pepper Natural Deodorant is not it. It just smells weird and before midday my pits started smelling. I felt like I needed to take another shower.
Okay Product
I brought this because I wanted an all natural product. The smell was a little over powering. I could leave with the smell but during the summer it did not cover my BO smell.
Smells Terrible
I love the rose, but the black pepper is over powering, or I simply find it off-putting. The only thing worse than smelly pits is smelly pits with black pepper.
Smells amazing
I love this brand . And it smells amazing and only have to apply 1 time a day.
Smells good
Smell is wonderful and it’s also natural not the best but at least it’s so called natural.
too strong
I do not like this scent it is way to strong of rose and black pepper oddly enough. The formula is to sticky and slippery and feels waxy which I am not a fan of for a deoderant
Underwhelming protection for the price
I've been looking for a good aluminum free option, but this didn't cut it for me. It smells really good, but unfortunately did not hold up well throughout the day or with activity. It may be good for someone that isn't active or just lounging around the house to give yourself a break from the harmful toxins in other antiperspirants, but unfortunately didn't suit my needs.
High Hopes
I really really wanted to like this product. I had been on the hunt for a natural deodorant for a very long time and I found this at Target and immediately got super excited. It wasn't what I wanted. It didn't last very long as far as body odor. I smelled pretty rough halfway through the day. Which sucks. It smelled good. Just didn't work for me.
Not a Fan
So, I used to be a "micro influencer" in the clean beauty space online. At that time I was on the PR list for Schmidt's, and I'd received nearly their entire line including this scent. With Schmidt's, nearly all of the scents are great at first sniff. They're natural and well balanced. This one particularly is extremely rose heavy, with slight spice from black pepper. That said, I never enjoyed their formulas. I really tried to love them, but I found they never dried down and left oily residue on all of my clothes. Compared to the regular formula, the sensitive skin formula is much smoother and more akin to conventional stick deodorant, but I still found it oily. These never kept me fresh throughout the day either, and with prolonged wear the scents do change/dull.
Zero stars
The one thing nice I can say about this deodorant is that it smells amazing. That's the only thing. Im use to natural deodorants for 15 years so I don't need to Detox my arms onto this one.. I don't like this brand because the deodorant gums up and doesn't dry down on under your arms. It's nasty feeling but even worse is that it rubs off and stains all of your shirts or whatever clothing it touches. It's horrible
Holy roses
No complaints about the deodorant's performance, as it felt nice going on and throughout the day and did it's job just fine. No stinkiness. Or... maybe I just couldn't smell myself over the overwhelmingly pungent rose aroma. Mind you, I'm a huge fan of rose fragrances. All day. But man this was bananas. It almost made me nauseous. If you're the world's biggest fan of roses, don't pass this up.
Loved this product, until..
I loved this product at first. The fact that it is all natural, and the scent is amazing. However, it is not long lasting. I was fine with coverage while doing small tasks around the house. I wore it to work (I work in a kitchen) and started to notice it was not working well after sweating a lot. It's great for small, light activity. I would not recommend using if you're going to be doing something where you sweat a lot.
All natural
I switched to natural deodorant a few years back and will never return to standard deodorant. It doesn't leave any residue behind and I feel like my pores never clog. The scent is fantastic and I love trying a new one every time. I can feel good about putting this on my body!
Deodorant naturel Rose et Black Pepper
Au départ je fus très surprise de voir l'originalité des ingrédients de ce produit. Oui il est très innovateur dans la formule . Fait avec de l'huile de chanvre sans thc sans cbc , pour peau sensible , Nul doute que tous vous l'aimerez comme moi. L'odeur est super reposante , propre , sans aluminium . Je m'en suis procuré un à l'essai et depuis ce temps j'ai été m'en acheter plusieurs . Ma mère s'en ai procuré aussil C'est un déodorisant que vous devriez tous au moin essayer et sûrement vous allez tout comme moi l'adopter .

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