DR. SQUATCH Men’s Natural Deodorant - Fresh Falls - 2.65oz

4.8 5 0 84 84 Dr. Squatch natural men’s deodorant keeps you fresh so that you can go about your day with confidence, no matter where it takes you. Our Odor-Squatching® system fights potential sources of B.O from every angle with powerful natural deodorizers such as charcoal powder to block odor, probiotics help to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, and arrowroot powder to absorb moisture.
DR. SQUATCH Men’s Natural Deodorant - Fresh Falls - 2.65oz


One of my husband’s favorites!
This deodorant lasted my husband all day, even after vigorous yard work. The scent is crisp and clean, and it feels great - no sticky or slimy residue. There were no deodorant marks left on the clothes either. Definitely recommend!
Husband loves this
My husband loves this deodorant and it does last him throughout the day most days. Some days not as much but that’s when he is working out and sweating ALOT. I like the way this smells too!
This deodorant is amazing! It last all day, has an amazing smell, doesn’t leave you dry, and isn’t even that expensive. I don’t think they could make this better! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who struggles with sweat
The best!!
My son swears by this brand he loves all their products!! They all suit him very much also he loves the scents and the quality all of this brands products are great we go to walmart for them he loves their wipes the most he says everything he has had or tried from this stuff he will continue using and buying very good quality great scents long lasting great value and walmart always has a huge selection
Long Lasting Protection
Before I bought this product I smelled numerous from this brand and ended up liking the smell of this Sasquatch deodorant the best. I use men’s deodorant because I feel like it protects longer than womens due to a sweat disorder I have. My experience with this deodorant was great. It not only has a great smell it protects against the sweat smell I produce as well as lessens the amount of sweat I produce. I stand behind this product because it does what it says it does. Definitely recommend if you want lasting protection.
My man is FRESH!
My husband loves this deodorant. After trying dr. Squatch soaps he was completely hooked and has been slowly replacing all of his self care products with dr. Squatch products. This deodorant not only smells amazing but it works well too! All day lasting freshness, doesn’t stain your clothes, and I love that it is a safer alternative since it is aluminum free. Highly recommend.
Just cuz he's hairy, he shouldn't smell
My man loves the outdoors. Unfortunately for me, he often brings the outdoors in. Not anymore, he stays ruggedly fresh no matter the temperature outside.
My boyfriend loves anything from this company! Especially the deodorants and soaps. He has to be careful with some deodorants because he breaks out , and he’s had no issues at all. He loves the smell, and loves the way they feel.
Amazing smell!
I love this company for my husband. It's cheap, simple and has an amazing scent!
Dr. Squatch deodorant
These are really good !I use this as it is very gender neutral.!just clean and fresh. Received it from my grand children.
It lasts all day and the scent is amazing I know it's for men but I love it
My husband's favourite
This deodorant is my husbands number one choice. It has a good scent and does not contain chemicals which are normally ordinary deodorants contain. This product is worthy to recommend.
very good on the skin. smells amazing and is overall a great product!
Excellent non toxic deodorant
My husband bought this deodorant as we have been on our non toxic journey as a household for a few months. Something we always thought with deodorant was that if aluminum was not in it, that it was “clean”, however it’s been recently revealed that most all deodorants have PFAs or “forever chemicals” which are known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. Given our current desires for detoxing our life we decided to give this deodorant a try as it is truly PFA free!!! It is excellent, he does not smell badly after working in the garden or on a home project, and he loves it so much he even sent some to his brother for his birthday to convert him to using it!!! We love it
Good example
I used a lot of deodorants, but this one feels really good on my skin, also pretty happy with smell, completely satisfied with it

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