4.7 5 0 212 212 Introducing Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Nail Kits, the first DIY nail kit for the ultimate salon chrome look.
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I would love to try these. I love painting my nails but this makes it 10x easier application wise.
I have not tried this but I would love to. I have a bit of an addiction in a good way for nail products!!!!
I haven't tried these yet but would LOVE to, it would make keeping my nail looking sooooo much easier and they look so pretty!
Wooooow I would absolutely love to try this nail product. I was recently introduced to nail dip and I'm obsessed!
I am a Nail polish fanatic and I would love to try this, I've never heard or seen of this before and my review will be five star if you choose me for this product
I would like a sample of this please. It sounds amazing.
No I haven't can u send me one I'll try n comment and then we can see
This looks fabulous and would love to try them out!
I like all of Sally Hansen products. I haven't seen this one yet. I would like to sample.
I would love to try this nail dip product, I am a single mom and do not have time to go out and get my nails done . It would be wonderful to have beautiful looking hands and be able to do it from the comfort of my own home!
I would really like to try this product! I really dig nail products and I love Sally Hansen!
I haven't tried this product. But I use SALLY HANSEN products all the time. Thank you.
I haven't tried this yet but would love to the colors look good
I love Sally Hanson products and really want to try this one Please
oh wow !! The Sally Hanson Salon Chrome Metallic Dip Nail Kit looks so awesome. I would love to try this!

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