Blue Buffalo Apple and Yogurt Health Bar Dog Treats

4.7 5 0 184 184 MADE WITH APPLES: BLUE Health Bars dog treats prove that a healthy treat can be tasty, too. With ingredients like oatmeal, apples and yogurt, they feature the ingredients you’ll be proud to feed your furry family members
Blue Buffalo Apple and Yogurt Health Bar Dog Treats


My Dog Loves These!
My dog loves these treats! He’s just a little guy (11 lbs) so I break them in half and then save the other half for next time. I love that I can feel good about giving these to him because the ingredients are good.
Great treats!!!
My dogs enjoy the bars! Good texture, size. Really like the ingredients.
My Dog love these
My English bulldog loves these. She literally spins for them, when I bring the bag out. I love that it is a much healthier choice for her. I recommend this to all my friends that has furry babies.
My dog loves them!
I bought these for my dog who is a 2 year old pit-mix. She goes absoluetly crazy for them! I love that they are made with healthy ingredients too! She has a sensitive stomach so these are great for her!
Great reward for your dogs
I bought this as a healthier treat for both of my dogs to try. They both seem to really enjoy the apple and yogurt flavor a lot. They are a great size for for almost any sized dog.
Great Treats
I bought these for my friend's dogs and they all loved them. I trust the company to provide quality ingredients, which helps in this day and age of not knowing what is going into pet food and treats. I would buy them again in a heartbeat.
Great dog treat!
These are great! My dogs love them and I think it's a great value for the money. The biscuit itself is actually rather large and it keeps my dogs from just biting and swallowing in a second flat. They seem to enjoy the flavor, and one of my dogs is pretty picky so that says a lot!
Ragnar won't even try it
My dog does not seem to care for these biscuits, but he is a smaller breed and I think maybe not only the flavor but the size and hardness are not appealing to him. I have tried other items as well from same company but he seems to not very agreeable with the snack selection flavors.
One of our dog's favorites
These are one of our dogs favorite treats! She begs for these far more then other treats we buy. If you have a picky pup try these! You won't be disappointed. We buy them in different flavors.
My dogs favorite treat!
I have 3 Cane Corsos and these are their favorite treats as said in the title. The size is perfect for them for a nice little snack or a reward. I highly recommend these treats for your furbaby!
Dogs love them
My dogs eat pretty much anything and these are no exception. Nice as an occasional snack for our large dogs
Puppy love
My dog loves these! And they are very easy to break in half. The vet said my dog was extra fluffy so I had to cut down on her treats and being able to break them in half is really helpful!
Picky eater approved
I have two GSD who are VERY picky eaters and they gobble these down like I do chocolate ice cream and I don't feel the least bit guilty for giving them extra pieces.
Great product.
We have bought these biscuits for our dogs and they both absolutely loved them.
Dogs love it!
My dogs absolutely love these crunchy biscuit treats! They can never get enough of it and always want more! These treats are fantastic for training and I love giving my dogs these treats!

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