Cattleman’s Cut Takis Fuego Meat Sticks 3 Oz

3.3 5 0 148 148 These spicy meat sticks are not for the faint of heart or faint of tongue. By combining the famously bold flavor of Takis Fuego Tortilla Chips with the superior craftsmanship of Cattleman’s Cut meat sticks, we’ve created a hot chili pepper and lime flavored product that’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Scorching with flavor, our meat sticks will have you coming back for more. Well, at least until your mouth sounds the fire alarm. In a world where style all too often trumps substance and quality is regularly compromised in favor of profit, we think there’s still a place for Cattleman’s Cut—a product crafted by the tastes and values of a different era and a different place. You see, while it would be easy to cut corners on the ingredients we use or reduce the number of delicious meat sticks in a bag, that’s simply not the Cattleman’s way. At Cattleman’s Cut, we pride ourselves on providing the most delicious mean snacks at a great value. And to prove it, we put it in a clear package.
Cattleman’s Cut Takis Fuego Meat Sticks 3 Oz


Taste Rollercoaster
When these meat sticks hit the right notes, it's a flavor explosion. The Takis Fuego spice mixed with the savory meat is like a match made in snack heaven. It's the kind of snack that you savor, thinking, "This is it, the perfect meat stick." But here's where the rollercoaster starts, the inconsistency. Sometimes, they nail it, and other times, it's like they dumped the entire spice cabinet in there. The balance is off, and you're left with a meat stick that's less Takis Fuego delight and more a spice overload nightmare.
I feel it tasted like dog food.
I think Takis needs to stick to tortilla chips. Any Tami flavored snack I’ve ever tried has tasted just out right foul. They also don’t look appetizing.
to Spicy
I did not enjoy eating these sticks at all. It was what you call flavor overload. When you eat a product you should enjoy it, this was not fun at all.
Not a Fan
I actually tried the meat sticks a few years ago and had never tried the chips until recently. The meat sticks were not pleasant. They tasted nothing like the chips. I I bought a few of the sticks to try since they were on sale, but I couldn't make it fully through eating one stick and attempted to give the others away.
My kids love the chips. They are not a fan of these. Weird aftertaste. Texture is not great. Just a weird tasting product. Chips are way better.
The chips are far better! The taste was odd and not a good texture. My kids wouldn't even eat them. Do not recommend this.
stick to chips
I tried these will high expectations as the chips are great. Needless to say I was sorely disappointed. They have a very strange taste, nothing close to the chips. What got me even more was the strange texture. It reminded me of a squishy Slim Jim.
Not a fan
They should’ve stuck to just being chips because these are not it. The taste is weird and the texture is too. Wasn’t a fan and wouldn’t purchase again
Taste great!
I buy these for my kids all of the time. They love the spicy kick that they give. If you are not a fan of spicy things or of Takis chips then you most likely wont like them. They are a win in our house!
I only tried it because my husband wanted to try it. I gave it a okay because I really don't like the taste of the beef stick's but my husband just finds them perfect. Go figure so great for husband's not to much for wife's.
Cattleman’s Cut Takis Fuego Meat Sticks
Cattleman’s Cut Takis Fuego Meat Sticks 3 Oz were not a huge win in our house and we are a huge fan of Takis. There is just something with the texture of the meat that just does not sit right with us. I am thinking its because we love the chip so much we expected more. The meat sticks are a little spicy so keep that in mind if your looking to try. If your a huge fan of meat sticks I would recommend giving them a try, but in our house we won't purchase again.
If you like things that have a nice kick to them then this is it for you! They are on the spicy side so beware but these are a perfect snack!
Just okay
I am in no way saying this product is a "must have". However, if you're a takis fan and a beef stick fan-this will likely be your thing! Sheer indulgence factor at a price comparable to other items in the same category make it worth a shot.
not bad
My husband loves these, but I'm not the biggest fan of these. I don't many of this kind of snacks.
For a contingency purpose, this is a good product to add to your pantry, because its shelf stable and it taste good. I highly recommend.

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