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Great shimmer
Coppertone Glow sunscreen lotion with shimmer. I love this for when I want the shimmer look. Haven't gotten sunburned while wearing it. This is one I use if I want the shimmer look.
Love to shine
What is best than going to the beach in the summer and your skin is protected and glows. This Coppertone shimmering lotion is amazing! My best friend for my summer vacations! A must buy!
Great product
This is a great sunscreen with just the right amount of shimmer!
I love this sunscreen
I have posted my rave review about this product elsewhere as well. I love Coppertone Glow because it gives me all the sparkle I need and still protects my skin. If I am going to be out for a long time I will apply a heavier sunscreen first and than this. I then will reapply as needed. The nice thing is, is that the glitter doesnt fade and will keep on shining. If you are looking for head to toe glow this is the way to go.
Coppertown glow suntan lotion
Not that good at protecting you from the harmful effects of the sun and it is very greasy and hard to take off your skin
Very shimmery
This sunscreen has a ton of shimmer to it! It’s very liquidy but it doesn’t go on smooth. It soaks in pretty quick and doesn’t make your skin sticky.
High in price, has a grease texture to it.. also leaves a gloss or kids skin
Very shimmery its the best ever! I love this glowing tan.it provides!

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