4.4 5 0 49 49 Rich chocolate. Designed for people with diabetes.
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better options
the product isn't bad taste is a bit chalky but i do prefer boost better taste about the same price more nutruition.
I am a diabetic! I like both vanilla and chocolate flavors both!
This good for my grandma and aunt who diabetic can't have sugar
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Really find this tasty and useful when hunger strikes between meals. I also use as a coffee creamer.
Glucerna Snack Shakes are a fabulous way to start my day!! I'm Diabetic and it gives me that extra boost I need in the morning!!
i am a diabetic and i use these shakes all the time to manage the ups and dowsn of my sugar and it hs a rich flvoer and i just love it
My husband uses this in the afternoon at work, when he can't get away for a snack. He likes the taste, but says it does give him digestive issues.
ok I love this product but the price is what gets me .. the cost is what keeping some diabetic always from buying it more often
Glucerna Snack Shake is a great addition to some of my mornings. I love the richness of them and the fact they do not taste like chalk.
I use Glucerna daily. Love the rich chocolate taste. It satisfies my chocolate cravings and leaves my feeling full. I usually drink one for breakfast, afternoon snack, and sometimes after dinner.
I like the butter pecan. I use this because it has less sugar than similar drinks
I love this shake as I am diabetic. But I do not get them often as I do not have the funds to buy them often.
I have had this product and yummy. As an adult I recommend. Smooth and creamy, with a bit of sweet. Best of all worlds.
i am diabetic and this product is a great flavor in my smoothies

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