Hefty Ultra Strong Tall Kitchen Trash Bags Fabuloso Scent 13 Gallon 40 Count

4.8 5 0 1726 1726 Trust Hefty Ultra Strong Tall Kitchen Trash Bags to keep your kitchen waste contained—all the way from can to curb. Thanks to 6 in 1 Protection, these tough Hefty drawstring trash bags offer flex strength, a tough drawstring, odor control, and resistance to punctures, leaks, & tears—providing the highest protection available in a flexible garbage bag. Hefty’s stretchy strength means you don’t have to worry about unexpected bag breakage and inconvenient messes. Don’t be afraid to use these kitchen trash bags for tougher jobs, such as garage, basement and construction cleanup. A break-resistant grip drawstring makes it easy to close the bag and cart it away without incident. As a bonus, these scented trash bags include patented Arm & Hammer continuous odor control and Fabuloso* scent to keep unpleasant smells at bay. All Hefty trash bags are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. *Fabuloso® and associated designs are trademarks of Colgate-Palmolive Company and are used under license. **The Arm & Hammer trademark is owned by Church & Dwight Co., Inc., and used by Reynolds Consumer Products LLC under license.
Hefty Ultra Strong Tall Kitchen Trash Bags Fabuloso Scent 13 Gallon 40 Count


Strong. Good quality. Prefer no scent.
I grabbed these the last time I was shopping - I’m not big on scented bags, didn’t realize what I did until I was home. It was okay, though. These are scented, but I really only smelled them while putting the bag in the bin. And I have a sensitive nose for fake air freshener smells. Often they kill my allergies. The bags are quality, very strong. And they did a good job with the scent process - perfect amount of scent, and the smell is okay.
Smells amazing
These Hefty bags are great, not only are they strong but they smell amazing. I love the smell of Fabuloso, it is so fresh it smells like you just cleaned your house. The bags smell great.
Hefty kitchen bags
I would only buy hefty garbage bags, these kitchen bags work the best! Others I've tried, tear and do not hold up to these!
Very strong and VERY fragrant
These bags worked well and got the job done, I’ve never had a leaky bag. The fragrance is a bit much though, If you have really stinky trash, it might mask it nicely, but I found the scent overwhelming in the middle of my kitchen.
Lives up to the Hefty Brand
I am brand loyal to Hefty for good reason. I have never had an issue with leaks or bags breaking before. This new scent is good and is the same quality as all of Hefty's products. Would buy again!
good cheap alternative
I am not a huge fan of these if you pack your garbage full and its heavy but it does save you some money...double bag if you put anything heavy like cat litter on top of a full bag
We love these bags. They are strong and they smell like lavender.
Heaven scent
I love it. I clean with all there products so o had to try them and i was sold. Wont buy any other bags again.
Strong and Smells Lovely!
These are great trash bags. They hold your trash without the bag ripping, I love bag that have the tie strings, and you can't go wrong with scented bags to help mask the gross trash smell. These are some of my go-to trash bags!
Hefty is a trusted brand already in my household. But when it they teamed up with Fabuloso I was ecstatic! It's a perfect marriage because my hubby doesn't mind taking out the garbage.
Great Trash Bag
The best trash bags I have been able to use. The lavender scent really helps a lot to avoid bad odors in the kitchen. It's truly incredible how a simple bag helps so much. It's also super resistant, and I haven't had any more issues with anything spilling
Won’t rip!
Trash bags is something that I refuse to sacrifice on quality. These bags are very stretchy and won’t rip which is an absolute must for me. They also keep your house smelling fresh and clean. These are very good quality trash bags!
Ultra Strong Quality
My whole family loves the Trust Hefty Ultra Strong Tall Kitchen Trash Bags! They have continued to keep all of our waste contained with our any leaks or rips and the added scent barrier is a plus
Strong & smell good
Very strong,smell good and dont break the bank. They are the best I have found yet. I love the scent.
Smells great
I always make sure to grab these with the fragrance in them! It really does make a huge different with food wastes and the nasty smells. They hold liquid as well as solids and is not easy to tear.

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