4.6 5 0 263 263 With zero artificial flavors, colors, added sweeteners, or caffeine, this refreshing blend is one the whole family can enjoy!
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Love it, would definitely buy again! Tastes delicious as all heck!
Summertime tea
This tea is perfect for summertime! The mango flavor is not too overpowering but still sweet and delicious.
Let me just tell you this iced tea is AMAZING, I love Lipton teas especially the peach tea but This one after I tasted it I fell in love immediately, The taste when literally knock your socks off its that good, I recommend this if you like Iced Teas your going to love this one
tea gets exotic
i love iced teas already, especially these lipton teas with fruit flavors. my favorite is the peach lipton iced tea. i recently tried this mango one and was blown away! soo good and not too overpowering. very refreshing
For a great treat for your taste buds. Grab a bottle you won't be disappointed.
This tea has nothing artificial in it and you can tell its good for yyou even thought it tastes so great .
Perfect iced tea
First of all, Lipton is the best tea of all. I tried the Mango to see what it tastes like, and I absolutely love it. I never add sugar to my tea, I think it ruins the flavor. The taste is a nice change from regular tea. It has a hint of mango and is very thirst quenching on those hot days. I am a big fan of the herbal teas.
Great Taste
I bought a box of Lipton Mango Iced Herbal Tea to try. Loved it. The mango flavor is delicious. It is good either hot or cold.
Refreshing tea
Easy to use and the taste is great. You can add sweeteners if you’d like. Drink either hot or cold. It’s yumm if you like mango.
Southern Tea Drinker
My family is from the South, and we love Iced Cold Sweet Tea. I decided to step out of the box and try the mango herbal flavored tea. It's so delicious!!! I have a glass during lunch, and I have a glass for dinner.
Lipton Mango Iced Herbal Tea is great tasting and refreshing. It is just a tad sweet for me, but I just use less sugar then I would normally add. I like that it is made from tea leaves and there is no artificial flavor added to it. It is a natural teat that goes down real smooth on a hot sunny day. It is also great on a nice Fall day as well.
Did not like it at all ! Its not for me . It tastes like cold tea.. yeah yeah I get it "iced tea" but theres the good flavored ice tea, or theres cold brewed tea . Gave it away .
pleasantly surprised
I am not a fan of mango, but this surprised me and is really good, love the taste
Lipton Mango Iced Herbal Tea
There's nothing like refreshing glass of iced tea on a hot day, and with a nice mango flavor this tea is something I could enjoy all day. I liked how fresh and vibrant the flavor of the mango is and even though it is designed to be an iced tea, I like the flavor as a hot tea too. It is a little sweeter than traditional iced teas, but II just cut down on the sugar I add myself, which helps me feel better about my own personal health pursuits.
I love the lipton mango iced tea. It is so refreshing and you can taste the mango but it is not too sweet like some flavored ice teas. I drink ice tea year round and this one is on the top of my list. I keep a pitcher in my fridge always. Guests enjoy it as well. Very smooth taste.

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