Marie Callender's Plant-Based Be'f Pot Pie

3.9 5 0 12 12 Indulge in a meat-free take on a classic with Marie Callender's Plant-Based Be'f Pot Pie, made with Gardein Plant-Based Be'f. Golden, flaky, made-from-scratch crust envelops seasoned Gardein Plant-Based Be'f, carrots, celery and potatoes. Great for vegetarians, flexitarians or anyone who loves a good pot pie. Quick, convenient and ready in minutes, these microwaveable meals are ideal for weeknight dinners or anytime meals. Enjoy made-from-scratch flavor in minutes with Marie Callender's.
Marie Callender's Plant-Based Be'f Pot Pie


We all just love these easy tasteful, filling pies for a great comfort meal...salad first and then we just 'dig in' with no mess to deal with afterwards!
Too runny
I’ve only tried this once, & didn’t like it. Too much sauce for the size of the pie. I like the veggies, but taste was bland. I guess if you don’t care much about flavor and spices, then you’ll likely it.
Overall, this was pretty tasty. Maybe a little too thick and saucy inside (I generally prefer a thinner filling). But it was not too salty and the faux beef was satisfying.
I love this pies they are made With a nice crust and the ingredient's in it!!! Great tasting!!!
Winner winner chicken dinner!
The crust was flaky and not too thick, filling full of vegetables and tasted great! I would buy this again!
I love these
Marie calendars are the best pot pies out there
I wasn’t a fan of this product. It didn’t taste very well, but someone else may think different.
Just not good. It was bland and the texture of the pie was weird.
Pleasant Mistake
I love Marie Calendar frozen meals... all of them and I buy their Chicken & Beef Pot Pies on a regular basis.. They're Great! My husband picked these up by mistake, we're not meat substitute eaters but neither of us wanted the hassle of exchanging them so we gave them a try. We really couldn't tell the difference so for vegetarians or anyone avoiding meat for health reasons these would be a real hit! I think they're better way better actually if you bake them in the oven rather than making them in the microwave but my husband is always in a hurry so I start them in the microwave 5 or 6 minutes and then I finish them in my toaster oven 5 to 8 minutes depending on how brown you like them!
Marie Callender's Plant-based Pot Pie
I am a huge fan of Marie Callender's meals ever since when I was a little kid. I heard about their plant-based pot pies so I bought a few boxes to try. I was amazed by how much protein are packed into on serving size. I love how delicious they were so I shared them with the family.
My family tried these plant based pies. The result was we like them it was a pleasant surprise.
Marie Callender's Plant-Based Beef pot pie. This has a great taste

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