4.9 5 0 25 25 Ready in just 5 minutes, Minute Rice® Premium Instant Long Grain White Rice makes it easy to get your favourite side to the table faster.
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Easy and yummy
The best thing about this product is how easy it is to make. It takes give minutes and it’s done! The taste is like any other white rice in my opinion
Cooks under 1 minutes
Great! Only 6 gotta type another 44 and make 50 to say that it's great
Minute Rice is Delicious! Nobody but you will know its from a box&cooked in a minute.Save yourself the time and buy this.
Love it
Much quicker than regular rice. Makes cooking dinner easy
Quick side dish easy to make. My family likes rice plain or mix with other foods
I had this many of times with a little bit of butter sugar and black pepper
Sorry Uncle Ben
I've use Uncle Ben and Minute Rice and have always gone back to Minute rice. Its just a better texture and a better tasting rice to me.
Easy side dish
This rice is so Easy to make, and its delicious but instead of using water i use chicken stock.
😍 love it
I love this rice it is so easy, and my family loves rice so I make this about every two days with my dinners you can never go wrong with this easy ,easy ,easy 😊
Minute Rice
Just as good as other 5 minute rice easy to prepare and great for rice recipes and is very tasty
Minute Rice
I just love this product! I have used it for over 30 years and it never seems to disappoint. It fluffs up well and I can’t tell the difference between the minute rice and steamed rice.
Reliable Pantry Staple
I like how easy it is to throw together a mid-week dinner with the Minute Rice. Can always count on it to cook consistently every time. Quick, easy, and fluffy.
Very convenient!
This rice always turns out fluffy every time! It's ready in a fraction of the time it takes for raw rice. The only drawback is that it loses good value in the processing that is done before packaging.
Great product
the stuff is a lifesaver I am so glad that minute rice is available at almost every store in my area it makes things so much easier for me and dinners have became so much quicker
minute rice
Wonderful product & quick easy. makes any meal better just add vegetables or meat or both . great taste indeed.

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