onn. Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 13 mini

4.6 5 0 37 37 Don't hold back! Act boldly and know your phone can now survive everything your adventurous lifestyle throws at it. Our Glass Screen Protector gives you a crystal-clear protective shield that stands up to life's toughest moments. Protect onn.™
onn. Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 13 mini


Easy to apply
Great added protection. Very thin and easy to apply. Comes with everything needed. Fits nicely on the mini. Seems very durable.
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A product enjoyed by all.
Great product that I would buy for my family.
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Blew my mind!
So, the day I received this screen protector, I removed the one I already had on my phone and installed the Onn. Protector. Now my phone is practically brand new, and I had no plans on actually depending on this item. Fast forward an hour later and I’m walking out of my office. I opened the door, and my phone slides out of my hand and I watch it bounce down the steep stairs, and I physically see the corner of a stair hit the screen and I knew it was destroyed. Heart broken, I picked up my phone and low and behold…..ONE LITTLE SCRATCH. Only one scratch, thanks to this AMAZING screen protector. I will never buy anything other than these to protect my phone, EVER AGAIN. BUY THIS YOU WONT REGRET IT.
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Phone protector
It works great from the dust and dirt from using my phone.
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Phone cover
Im so thankful I had this protection sleeve on my phone. I drop it at least once a week. It fits perfectly on my phone.
Saved the day
So glad to have this screen protector on my phone I dropped it I am not a cell phone person thank god it was on there it saved the glass from breaking it fell from a high level so it could have been desastor
The best
The best way to keep your cellphone as new as possible, is to get this one asap! No scratches on the screen ever! I’ll definitely like it. So much that I just got another one for my brother!

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