4.6 5 0 82 82 For all hair types. Controls frizz for silky, smooth hair. Strengthens and helps prevent breakage.
Optimum Salon Haircare AMLA Legend Silky Blow-Out Masque
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I can't wait to try THIS PRODUCT. I need this in my life .Thank you so much
I have not tried this product but it looks like a cool product to try out
Haven't tried this yet but I'm really looking forward to it. It looks like a great product. I'm always looking for new hair products to try.
Optimum Salon Haircare is well needed for my super dry hair.So nasty and looks horriable .I sure could use to try this one bad.
I have wavy, frizzy & dry hair all at once ☹️. Would love to try this product & hopefully find something that helps me lifeless hair!!!
I would really love to try this out, i have been struggling with dry hair for months now and have tried hair masks, special conditioner etc. and nothing seems to work. I would be very curious to see if this product would make a difference with my dry frizzy hair and would love to write write a review on it!
I will continue to work on my hair to make sure I am. Still have to tame this mop of hair! AMLA please pick me I need it!
I've tried many hair products as I have long hair that I want to keep smooth and healthy. I would love to try this product out and see how it works on my hair.
I have some frizziness and breakage. I have not tried but would really love to see how it would work on my hair and having the keratin would be a major help during the summer when the humidity is high.
Have not tried but would really love to have thick hair it tends to get frizzy especially in humid weather could use keratin to help strengthening to protect from breakage
I would like to say, I think I would be the best person to try this hair product due to fact I have went natural and need to find a good product to make it stand out. This product looks like it may be the one. Please, please, please let me!
I would really love the chance to try and give my review on this product.
Optimum hair care looks like it would be something id like to try to see how it works on my hair
I need something to condition my hair and take away the frizz, a hair masque would be a good start!And the way the lady talks about loving it and her hair being so soft, my hair hasn't been soft in awhile it's been flat or frizzy!
First time hearing about this ,sounds awesome .would really like to try it out .just getting my hair long .had short short hair for years .my hair is fine .could use this to blow it out get some volume without frizz😊😊

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