4.6 5 0 81 81 For all hair types. Controls frizz for silky, smooth hair. Strengthens and helps prevent breakage.
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I would love to try this I have fine, dry hair that can use some TLC
Optimum I have experienced scalp sensitivity and hair dryness when after blow drying i would love to try this brand of products .
I Would Love To Try This Out Because I Have Very Damaged Hair & Nothing I Try Works.
would love to get a chance to try this out for sure i have such dry skin and hair especially during the winter and could use some help for my hair. its so dry and fly away!
I would like to sample & review this product based solely on what the product has to offer. I suffer w/ the frizzies & simply wish to know if product works. Will give honest review of product as a stand alone source within this company.
id love to see if this works for my hair as i am currently going through chemo and need all the help i can get
I would like to try this product, please send, will leave feedback. I have really dry damaged hair and i would like to try this product, will post photos and leave a review.
Would love to try this on my grandbaby hair. She's in a lot of pageants on all the styling products have alcohol in it or just don't work. I need help with it that's for sure.
I would love to try this product, I'm desperate for a good blow out product.
I'm always searching out new products for my dry, frizzy hair. I live in the South, and the humidity is really hard on your hair, going flat, without any volume. I all the help I can get!
Would love to try this on my hair. I have very dry fly away hair and think this my help with my condition.
I haven't tried this but I would love to. My hair gets oily but I don't know if it works on this type of hair. I don't like oily hair.
Would love to try,another new product for softerror more manageable hair.....yeah I wanna try...
I havent try this unique product but would love to try it since my hair is curly and in need of some pampering this product would defitnley will
I've heard this product is the best I would definitely like to try it.

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