4.1 5 0 111 111 Whole Earth Sweetener Company brings you Pure Via Stevia All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener, an all natural zero calorie sweetener made from the pure, sweet extract of the stevia plant. A natural sweetness without all the calories, Pure Via delivers deliciousness to all your favorite foods and beverages. Perfectly crafted to sweeten your morning coffee, fruit, and cereals, Pure Via naturally replaces sugar for most recipes. Enjoy!
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Delicious sweetener to add to my coffee or sprinkle on top of fresh fruit. Will buy again!
Pure Via Stevia
The sweetness is spot on ! I will be purchasing this instead of the "other" I was accustomed to! Very pleased
ure Via Stevia All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener
I bought this and used in a desert dish,However I didn't find that the sweetner to have a good taste,seemed like to have a very over the top sweet taste,Desert turn Ed out especially sweet and not very good to use for baking.
i love this product because it is all natrual and also because i am a diabeti and i cannot have sugar but this works well for sweetning my coffee without giving me any sugar and it tastes really good no after taste like some products leave and i would recommand this product for sure
Makes things good and sweet!
My husband is a diabetic so, I try to get things that are not bad for him. I use the pure via stevia all natural zero sweetener in as many things that I can, it does seem to be keeping him happy and more important his blood sugars are much lower than before I started using it. I just love it and it does taste very good.
The packets are convenient to keep in my purse. The flavor is ok and has less bitterness than other fb Randy but there’s still an aftertaste
good taste
This stevia tastes great. It has natural sweetness. Used for tea and smoothies.
It tasted very bitter and even a very tiny amount was too overwhelming for my tastebuds. I've tried many stevia products and the same thing also happens. So no to stevia for me.
I love this product. I use in my Tea and love that it is a natural sugar!
PURE VIA STEVIA ALL NATURAL ZERO CALORIE SWEETENER is wonderful! My husband has to watch his sugar intake- so I watch mine as well as his. The best all natural sweetener! It's great for coffee, iced tea, and a wonderful substitute for sugar! It also comes in bigger containers- Everything I bake I use this in.You can't tell any difference that it's not sugar! I completely recommend this product to anyone who is diabetic, or to anyone who is just wanting to cut calories! Two thumbs up for PURE VIA STEVIA ALL NATURAL ZERO CALORIE SWEETENER!!!
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This is my second box of this brand of Stevia. I use the packets often, mostly to sweeten homemade lemonade. Other stevia brands added the taste of licorice to what it was added to so it had limited use but this brand does not seem to do that. You can't use this stuff for baking but it can be snuck into things that need sweetening as a partial sweetener when making cranberry sauce which required lots of sugar, the sugar not used to cause a rise in baking something so works ok in sauces when used with a lesser amount of sugar. The packet dispenser is reasonably attractive and handy when placed on our kitchen countertop.
Love the taste of this sugar, it's like real sugar to me. Will be my permanent replacement for sugar.
I got to try this and I like it a lot. I found that I only need 1 packet for my coffee instead of 3 with the other brand.

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