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Ruffles Oven Baked Roasted Garlic & Ranch Potato Crisps
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Ruffles Oven Baked Roasted Garlic & Ranch Potato Crisps. This garlic & ranch is awesome
Omg it's healthy!
I have always been a fan of garlic and ranch. When I saw these in the store I waa so excited to try them. I'm so glad I did ,they are delicious!!!!!
Great flavor combo
I love ranch and roasted garlic together. It's a great flavor combo. I also like that these are baked, so they're healthier.
Of all the baked chips out there the absolute best is the Baked Ruffles. No matter the flavor I’ve had I know I can count on a great tasting, crunchy chip
I liked these and would purchase again. I bought them for a cookout and everyone enjoyed them.
Love ruffles
Love these type of snacks. Great flavor and great texture. Taste so good, that I can finish one bag in just one sitting. No aftertaste. Great snack for family trips and healthy snacks for people who exercising.
Ruffles Baked chips
Love the baked chips. More crunch to them, less fat, and great taste.
Better than the original
I prefer the baked ones over the original. They are less prone to causing a mess, healthier, and I think they honestly taste better as well.
Not my favorite
I just don't care much for garlic so this just wasn't for me. However it did have a decent taste.
Great taste
You won't even know that you are eating baked chips. They are healthy and the flavor is great!
Full of flavor
These are full of flavor and a light chip. Not to hot, perfect spice level.
Good taste
If you like baked chips and you are a fan of garlic and ranch you will definitely like the Ruffles roasted garlic and ranch flavored baked potato chips. Plus they are healthier.
The whole family loves it! New flavor is amazing !
So good
I taste this and they are sooo goood better than the original, the taste and the chip are delicious
I could eat bags and bags!
With less fat, who needs to feel guilty? I love these chips and could eat multiple bags!

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