4.9 5 0 80 80 Swedish Fish are the #1 Fish Shaped Candy in the World, but these tender and chewy candies are heart shaped, perfect for Valentine's parties.
Swedish Fish Hearts Valentines Soft & Chewy Candy
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great way to satisfy a sweet tooth
love it and we have bought 4 bags of them as a just in case when we have at home movie night
Sweet Candy!
I've always loved the sweet chewy taste of swedish fish! My wife gifted these to me for valinetines day and i loves them! I love the small heart bites, makes chewing them even easier! Family favorite.
Very good!
We got some for my daughter's class Valentine's and ended up having to buy more, because mom ate a few to many. I can't help myself with sugary, chewy candies. The flavor is great. Has the same texture as your usual Swedish fish. Great for Valentine's day treats. My daughters class loved it!
Love Sweedishfish!!
The right amount of chewy. This candy has always been a favorite. I love a good chewy candy. The only.problem....I'll eat the whole bag.
Swedish Fish Hearts
I love the taste of this candy. I will be buying more of it especially for my great grandson. He love them
Sweet and Gummy
I love other gummy candies so I decided to try this one during the season and I love it! The taste is magnificent and texture is smooth. It doesn’t get stuck in your teeth like some other products do.
Swedish fishish
I absolutely loved the Swedish fish! It's easy to chew and a great flavor. It doesn't have that real sugary taste.
I love swedish fish. These were just too cute and so tasty
These r the best im hooked i bought a bag and went back to the store and bought more
Yum yum
These were totally yummy and very festive. I am a huge swedish fish fan
These lol fishies are perfect for that sweet tooth fix. I e enjoyed for years as well as my kids now my grandchildren. No need for Any improvement
Classic candy
This is an oldie but goodies. Same great taste. Just fun and decorating for valentine's day
❤ these ❤'s!!!
If you love Swedish Fish, you'll love their hearts! The taste is spot on and they're great to share!!!
My favorites
I love the chewy fruit candies, no matter what shape they come in. They are sweet so you only need a few. I love that this product is consistently yummy. I would recommend it to anyone is already loves Swedish Fish or any chewy type candy.
Chewy candy
I really love these their very chewy the taste is very fruity these do stick to my teeth but their good

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