4.8 5 0 130 130 Swedish Fish are the #1 Fish Shaped Candy in the World, but these tender and chewy candies are heart shaped, perfect for Valentine's parties.
Swedish Fish Hearts Valentines Soft & Chewy Candy
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Am buy again and again
This candys is delicious my kids and me am buy am recomended with my family
Swedish hearts
Love them!! I like swedish fish, so I figured I would like them. I bought a bag and I loved them like i thought i would .....so soft and chewy....you wont break your teeth...so good
tasty, I love them And my children love them. they have the perfect texture, neither very soft nor very hard when chewed
So, so delicious!
These are amazing. My husband’s favorite candy is Swedish Fish and he absolutely loves these! They’re absolutely delicious. I would 100% recommend to anyone who loves Swedish Fish.
Great twist to classic treat.
I loved the idea of this product first and foremost. I have always loved Swedish Fish for their incredible unique flavor and wonderful texture. So when I saw this new product of their' s I needed to try it! I Loved the size proportion and thought that it worked well with all I've mentioned. I also thought the design was very clever and unique. Very great product. Cute and clever and doesn't compromise the integrity of the classic they truly are.
These fish rock
I have loved Swedish Fish since I cant remember when. They are like a comfort food/ treat for me. I like them better then chocolate n not as many calories! My go to treat.
They are very good...almost better than the original. They are sweeter than the original though would be my only complaint. But all in all they are still delicious but who doesn’t like candy
Same taste.
They tasted wonderful, exactly like the original. I still enjoy the originals more though. It was a chewy delight. But they was more hard then the original fish. I would recommend though.
Love them
I love Swedish fish, they are def one of my favorite candies. These are super cute because they’re shaped like hearts for Valentine’s Day. They still had the same great taste, but the texture was a little different.
These were cute but texture-wise they just didn't do it for me. I love the original so i bought these. Unfortunately something about them just didn't agree with me. I'd still recommend trying them though, if only for the "fun" factor, and I might end up giving them another go somewhere down the line!
Prefer the original
These weren’t bad however I prefer the original Swedish Fish, the hearts seemed to be a little harder and had a slightly different texture.
Yummy but different
These are so delicious and taste the same as the fish, but i miss the nostalgia of the fish shape.
same great flavor just in hearts
These are awesome, they have the Swedish fish flavor but in heart shapes, The kids loved these, and ate them all up. I really enjoyed these as a valentines day treat. I would recommend these for your valentines day treats as well, they are so good.
Valentine's sweet!
I love the Swedish fish gummies and this version of the heart is so cute! I wish they had it all year long! It is perfect to decorate cakes! The gummies are not too sweet and they are not sticky!
These little sweedish hearts are so yummy!!! I have always loved sweedish fish anyway and these are just cute and so addictive!! Could eat the whole bag at once!

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