The Pioneer Woman 20-Piece Kitchen Gadget Set Sweet Rose

4.9 5 0 270 270 Whether you’re measuring, mixing, storing, or baking, The Pioneer Woman Sweet Rose 20-Piece Kitchen Gadget Set can do it all! Use the melamine measuring spoons and cups to measure out your ingredients, the acacia wood spoon and turner, the spatula, or the melamine spoons and slotted turner to stir, flip, and serve, the melamine spoon rest and ceramic crock to set and store your utensils, and the dressing bottle to put the finishing touches on your meal. When you’re baking, you can use the dough knife to scrape the dough together and section it as needed. Whatever you’re whipping up, the 20 pieces in this set will help you to make your next culinary creation a tasty success! Upgrade your kitchen with The Pioneer Woman Sweet Rose 20-Piece Kitchen Gadget Set.
The Pioneer Woman 20-Piece Kitchen Gadget Set Sweet Rose


Good strong utensils! Thick plastic measuring cups!!! Soft plastic squirt bottle for oil or whatever you like. Beautiful flower pattern on products.
It's a wonderful piece to put on your stove or anywhere in the kitchen
Pioneer woman
My husband purchased this set for me for Mother’s Day. I absolutely love everything about it! Easy storage and use of cooking oil in the squeeze bottle, cute place to store your utensils on the kitchen counter, cute decorative butterfly to lay your cooking utensils on while cooking, the measuring cups are so cute and they are all together on a hook which is really convenient for keeping up with them. I LOVE this set so much! The only thing I’m not sure of is what the long, ruler like wooden cooking spoon thing is for lol other than that this was one of the best gifts he could of gotten me
Love this set!
Love this set! So convenient and everything I need right on the countertop. Love everything in this set. Plus it’s really cute.
Absolutely love this set!
I absolutely love this kitchen set, not only is the design suoer cute and sophisticated, but you're getting alot of much needed kitchen essentials in this kit, all of which work great!
Love It
I bought this set last year and love it! The products have held up well over the year I have used them. They are dishwasher safe. The print has faded some. I would buy these again!
Good set
I received this set as a gift last Christmas and have enjoyed using it. I love the measuring cups and everything has held up well. My only complaint would be that the spoon is now completely discolored everywhere except the handle. The rest of the items are in excellent condition and have been put through the same amount of daily kitchen use.
I absolutely love the pattern and durability of all these items. The spoons are very sturdy and don't bend when stirring anything. I would definitely recommend this set!!!
Beautiful Utensils
First off, the quality of these items are wonderful. Not to mention the colors, and the artwork. I would say that these kitchen utensils are a must for anyone who likes to bake.
Love her
Omg I got this for my birthday and I was so excited I watch her show all the time she is my favorite and now I have utensils just like her which are so freaking adorable and they are durable.
Pioneer woman set is great!
I especially love her silicone spatulas. Everything u need in this cute little set and all in a matching print. Love this. Only thing is I think the pioneer brand is way overpriced, but it is a great set and good quality
Great set
There’s no other words to say but a great set. Pioneer women products have continued to blow me away. They exceed expectations of any product on the market. My wife continues to buy more and more of her products. Think we might have the whole jade set. The prices are really affordable and are extremely durable.
Perfect for your kitchen
This 20 piece set is PERFECT for your kitchen! It has a beautiful print! This 20 piece set has literally all the utensils you need!
The Pioneer Woman 20 piece kitchen set
I'm sporting this set in my kitchen now! It's super cute and super simple and the vibrant design makes the room pop. I have the kitchen/hand towels to match it as well! I'm happy with the durability of every piece, especially the utensils after they have been cooked with and washed a thousand times or more
Love theses
These are so pretty in your kitchen and I love the measuring cups all pioneer womens stuff is so pretty. And it holds up

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