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Vitaminwater™ Fire + Ice Spicy Watermelon-Lime
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Vitamin water
Vitaminwater™ Fire + Ice Spicy Watermelon-Lime. Is very refreshing
Unique flavor not for everyone
I’m a fan of this brand, but this unique flavor was a swing and a miss for me. It has a bit of a kick and isn’t something I would describe as “easy to drink”. It’s worth trying once for the unique flavor combination but not something I’d regularly reach for.
I drink Vitamin Water frequently to help stay hydrated and I was a little hesitant to try this one because of the "fire" claim. I normally don't like anything that has a hot flavor. This actually has a mild heat taste but it does cause a little "tingle" on the tongue and that is something I really don't like when drinking water. It's good but I would only drink it occasionally.
The product has a great fruity flavor not heavy but refreshing.
Taste good
Tastes fruity and feels great I’d drink these everyday
I always consume it
I have loved this water with flavor since I have always taken it, especially I love the flavor of pomogranate, yesterday I bought the one with kiwi with strawberry and today I am taking the tropical citrus, I do not know but I really like the taste so nice because you know it tastes and yet sugar does not feel so if it is good in taste and also for my health ..... it is obvious that I will continue taking it
Vitamin water
I love this vitamin water its refreshing and nutritious gives you energy and vitamins a great start to healthy living
I mostly like vitamin water. It's sweet-tasting, yet sugar free -- 0 calories -- and there don't appear to be any unhealthful ingredients. No artificial sweeteners that have made any health organization's avoid list. At least not yet.
Pretty good
The flavor combination was intense, but I liked it because the combination works well together. I liked that this product was relatively inexpensive. I would recommend this to people with a bold taste
Vitaminwater™ Fire + Ice Spicy Watermelon-Lime
I only tried it twice and it reminds me of some Mexican candy. I won't ever try it again. My daughter likes it. I only cared about #AntiOxidents.
I love the blueberry lavender one so I thought i would try this one, when you try it, at first it doesnt taste like anything but then you get the kick from the spice in it but it isnt too hot.
Vitamin Water Fire + Ice
To begin, I find Vitaminwater to be a fun brand, as one can easily tell from their little excerpts from the front of their packaging, and I find their product's to be satisfying. In terms of this product specifically, I thought the flavor was good, but nowhere near as good as other varieties of their products that I've tried. Of course, the health benefits are plentiful as are all Vitaminwater products, but the flavor, I'd imagine, isn't for everyone, so as a result I gave it four stars because I enjoyed it and I would recommend it, but if you're someone who isn't as adventurous with flavor combinations, then maybe this specific variety isn't for you.
Kinda weird....
...but good. An interesting flavor combo that reminded me of the Lemonade cleanse. Good served very cold on a very hot day.
Fire Vitamin Water
That was such a weird flavor for me. I was not a fan of it. It has a hot aftertaste. I wouldn't purchase it again.
Decent flavor
Wasn't a bad flavor. I expected it to be a little spicier. Had a lot of flavor for being so low on sugar though. I've always loved vitamin water, I recently went on a low sugar diet so it is nice to have beverages with low sugar that don't taste like splenda.

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