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Definitely unique!
What can I say about this water? All I know is that the flavor is definitely very unique! I don't think I would drink this flavor of Vitamin Water regularly, but for an occasional craving, I would have it. It is a little spicy, so be prepared for that.
Almost ruined Vitamin Water for me
The entire family Absolutely loves Vitamin Water... until this flavor! It was like putting menthol in your mouth... gross
OMG! What were they thinking? I love Vitamin Water but this was nasty! It was just gross! There was nothing good about this drink. I would not recommend this. Don't try it!!!!!
Not a good combo
This was not a good combination of flavor for me. I like this brand but this flavor is not desirable
Suprisingly good
I really liked the flavor of this drink was kinda spicey yet sweet to its refreshing!
Not so good
I didn’t really enjoy this, it didn’t have much flavor in my opinion
I didn’t enjoy this flavor what so ever. It left a gross after taste.
Just enough of a "kick". You can taste the lime AND the watermelon, neither one overpower the other. Love their "COOL" one, also! I have posted pics of both Fire and Ice drinks recommending them!
Vitamin Water
Taste really good. Would buy again. Love the watermelon taste with the hint of spice at the end. Really loved!!
Medicine or Drink?
This literally tastes like the medicine your parents would give you when you were sick. Like a cherry aftertaste. It's still better than mountain dew so it's not all that bad. Don't recommend
Not what the name says
This product needs to go back to r&d. Thought it would be like a fireball instead like a watered down verson. Will not buy again
I really liked this flavor, it had a good watermelon taste and was not spicy at all.
It’s a no
I don’t like this flavor of vitamin water. (I like the other one the ice cold ❄️ lavender) it actually does leave a Spivey taste in your mouth and I don’t like that in a water it doesn’t fit
I really didn't think it was all that special. It had good flavor, but I didn't get the heat that they were advertising on it. I may or may not but it again.
Not good
Wife bought it for me since I love spicy anything. This just tastes bad in general. There's a tiny bit of a kick to it but nothing in particular. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone in particular.

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