Vitaminwater™ Fire + Ice Spicy Watermelon-Lime

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Vitaminwater™ Fire + Ice Spicy Watermelon-Lime


Vitamin water
I’ve been drinking vitamin water since it first came out and it still very good I highly recommend it to everyone
It is not something I will purchase again. It taste bad and it left an awful after taste. I was disappointed cus I like most of there flavored water
weird and nasty
I like all other flavors of vitamin water and I buy them regularly but this one just taste really weird and it leaves a weird flavor on your tongue the rest of the day.
Delicious but crazy heartburn
These vitamin water is much more healthier than pop cold drinks but man do we get the worse heartburn. I am pregnant so one could understand the heartburn but once my husband started drinking these he got the worse heartburn ever. The taste is delicious though.
I am a huge fan of Vitamin Water, I make it a regular part of my diet and I’m always up to trying new flavors but this one was very unpleasant, strawberry lemonade is a match made in beverage heaven but this Fire flavor is a marriage that should be annulled forever!!!
Loved it!
It's not insanely spicy, coming from somebody who doesn't like spice, its awesome! You get the awesome watermelon and lime flavors along with just a hint of heat under your tongue, highly recommend it! Best drink I've ever had!
Definitely not worth the buy! My taste buds were off for days after drinking this. It tasted like 10 year old stale cinnamon rum
Vitamin water
THis is not good, I figured it would be cinnamon flavor but it is plain nasty tasting. Leave a really bad after taste in your mouth
yuk terrible idea for a taste, did somebody wake up with bile in their mouth after a nite of mixing cinnamon whisky with lime flavored beer? AWFUL!
Spicy Water
The spicy watermelon is extremely awkward and unpleasant. The flavor combo does ot work together.
Not good in my opinion
I love this brand drink I drink many of them but this one is definitely one I wouldn’t buy again I couldn’t even finish this one I wouldn’t waste my money on it and I would stick to my regular flavors I like
Unless You Have Nothing Else To Drink
I didn't care for it at all.....The Taste just didn't go together well at all.
Not great
Didn’t like the flavor at all. Not a big vitawater fan anyways.
Don't waste your money
All I can say is don't waste your money. My family loves Vitamin Water but this one was just GROSS. We bought a few and ended up just throwing them away.
Love watermelon and lime
Love watermelon and lime. This is pretty tasty. I actually liked it because it really was good. It was a little expensive one my opinion. So if they drop the price him I would buy it all the time.

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