Febreze Refrescante para telas que elimina olores Extra fuerte Original

4.8 5 0 271 271 ¿Tienes telas funked-up? Sugerencia: probablemente lo haga porque a los olores cotidianos les encanta empapar las telas de su hogar. Elimine esos olores molestos con un rociado rápido de Febreze Fabric Refresher. Es tu spray para telas para refrescar todas las telas difíciles de lavar de tu casa, como los sofás, el edredón de la abuela y cualquier cojin adorable (y mucho más). Simplemente rocíe hasta que la tela esté húmeda, déjela secar y disfrute de una vida libre de olores.
Febreze Refrescante para telas que elimina olores Extra fuerte Original


Beware Know before you buy
I have been using febreze Since early 2000. I swear buy this brand. Free-Nature is just another evolution of the brand. I purchased this spray bottle to try it out. I love its clean smooth scent. I have now purchased the half gallon refill. I also have a Ryobi battery powered spray bottle I purchased for it that I keep full at all times and pull out when I want to get a fresh clean layer across the furniture, carpets, drapes, and smelly little girls laundry basket. I fully support the purchase of this brand and any scents.
Takes Care of Unwanted Smells
We have a chocolate lab, and let me tell you, the odors and dirty he brings into our household is unavoidable, especially come Spring time. Although, this product has definitely helped us stay on top of those unwanted odors! So easy and convenient to use but also long lasting. Highly recommend if you have animals or even kids.
Awesome for pet owners
This spray really does help freshen up linens and the like. As someone with multiple dogs I find this product to be a necessity if I want my house to stay smelling fresh. I love the scents that they come in.
Gets rid of the funk
I use this febreze spray on the couch and on the recliners. I use it on rugs and pillows. It smells really nice and it gets rid of the stinkiness in my house. I even use it on clothes sometimes. It gets rid of pet smells and sweaty smells. I love this stuff! Wouldn't be without it.
Works Well
Works well....I love using it on fabrics that can't be washed and spritzing furniture. Does refreshing wonders with two big dogs.
Need a finer spray mist
Overall, I like this product but the negative side is the spray bottle that it comes in. The spray is too coarse for my liking. It seems to spray some and 'spit' the rest. I have other spray bottles that emit whatever I put in them in a much finer mist. The finer the mist, the better it diffuses in the surrounding air.
One of my go to room sprays!
I have a house with two dogs, a husband and a child so the house can get funky sometimes. I use this to spray over my furniture, coats that I don’t often wash, and any time I just want a nice fresh scent. A little bit goes a long way and the smell lasts a good time.
I love this product! It has such a clean, refreshing scent. I mainly use this to remove odors, or freshen up my clothes. It also makes my apartment smell incredible. Highly recommend!
Refreshes your fabrics
This product is really good for fabrics you can’t wash and removes the smell of pets and musty odors leaving your hom smelling fresh I spray chairs to refresh them.
Better than cheaper alternatives, longer lasting & better smelling
Sweaty exercise clothes
I keep a bottle of this in my office. After I work out I spray my work out clothes before I tuck them in my bag to take them home and wash them. works like a charm. I recommend that you try this method.
Febreeze left the building
I don't know what it is, I have used many different Febreze products (not this specific one) and the scent just doesn't seem to cover or take care of any odors. It just smells like the bad odors and febreeze. It is strong at first and then just kinda fades away. I don't think it's horrible but not great.
Really dose get odors to go away and it smells really good.
5 star
It was amazing the smell was amazing and so fresh, it took the pet smell out of my house and it made the bathroom smell
Comes in handy!
This comes in handy when having guests over and I haven’t had time to wash the curtains (curtains aren’t dirty but just sit there. If you have never just thrown your curtains in the wash and hung them while wet you’ll know the difference on how it can make your whole house smell so good)

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