4.9 5 0 168 168 Obtenga una limpieza potente y un gran aroma con el limpiador multi-superficies de Mr. Clean con Febreze frescura de lino y cielo. Arrasa con el 100% de la suciedad, grasa y mugre, dejando el ligero y fresco aroma del limpiador líquido Febreze lino y cielo en su lugar olvidado. Funciona en toda la casa y en todo tipo de superficies, desde el linóleo, hasta los azulejos y pisos de madera terminados, baños y bañeras, e incluso botes de basura.
Limpiador multi-superficies con Febreze frescura de lino y cielo de Mr. Clean
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I love Mr Clean, works great and always leaves my house smelling fresh and clean.
Ultimate Mr Clean!
Amazing Mr. Clean! Fresh, so enjoyable with the help of the best, with Mr. Clean!
mr clean
I have used this to clean my kitchen and kitchen floor. Did a really good job and left the room smelling really clean and fresh! I would defiantly us this again!
Very impressive
I am very impressed in the quality of this! The smell is amazing and cleaned my floor like no other
Mr Clean. Yes!
I was impressed with the smell and the surface residues were a minimal!
This is our go to cleaning product.
This is an amazing product. This product smells cleans and stays fresh longer than any other. The smell of the product and length it stays in my home is amazing. I wouldn't change anything about this product. I have told my friends and family and friends and a couple use it now as well.
I always try to Mr. Clean new products. Sadly...I can't get past the hint of a strange chemical smell. They always have new smells I'd love to fall in love with. But...I wish they would change there formula.
Best cleaner
This cleans great and keeps the house smelling so good for hours.
MR CLEAN Multi Purpose Cleaner
When I thought that Mr. Clean multi purpose cleaner could not get any better I was wrong not only does it smell great but still has great cleaning powder without much effort to clean a variety of surfaces
Mr. Clean has done it again
Works great on floors and the smell is amazing too, not overpowering like others. I would recommend to others anyday...
Great for linoleum floors!
I actually tried this in my mop water for my kitchen floor. Its a great cleaner and leaves the floor clean and not sticky. No water or residue marks and gets all the dirt up without having to map more than once. Yes im old fashion when it comes to mopping and this cleaner by far leaves a great smell and is great with getting milk stains and frosting residue off of anything!
Great fresh scent
Great overall cleaner for all surfaces and great fresh scent, not too overwhelming..would recommend this product to others
Huele rico
Me gusta como huele realmente dura bastante el olor no te enfada
Smells great
I tried MR. Clean and i love it. I use it everyday. Its a mild sent for the people who dont like overwhelming floral smell. It cuts grease and dirt right off surfaces.
Smells Great, Cleans Well
First time trying this product had me sold. This is what I will buy from now on. It smells wonderful. The smell lasted for hours after using it to clean. I am well pleased with the results. This is my new favorite cleaner!

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