4.8 5 0 138 138 Obtenga una limpieza potente y un gran aroma con el limpiador multi-superficies de Mr. Clean con Febreze frescura de lino y cielo. Arrasa con el 100% de la suciedad, grasa y mugre, dejando el ligero y fresco aroma del limpiador líquido Febreze lino y cielo en su lugar olvidado. Funciona en toda la casa y en todo tipo de superficies, desde el linóleo, hasta los azulejos y pisos de madera terminados, baños y bañeras, e incluso botes de basura.
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whole house smells clean
Just the right amount of fragrance, so that you can tell you have cleaned the house. It cleans very well. Made by a company I trust.
Smells wonderful
Smells good and cleans really well. I love it ! Not a bad price for this cleaner, and Mr. Clean products are always very satisfactory to me. Not a small bottle either
Fresh & Clean
The best two items together and you get a bit of heaven. Lysol is a household name and a great cleaning product anyways but with Febreeze, it is even better. I love the smell, the value for the money, and you can get it at almost all mass retailers. love it and will definitely be under my cabinets from now on.
Mr Clean
Fantastic cleaner with a great fragrance, not too strong. Cleans multiple surfaces without any problems.
Ideal for bathrooms
I am charged with potty duty - scrubbing toilets , tubs, floors and sinks - not necessarily in that order. I run about 2" of hot water in the run and add about a cup of cleaner . I have a special mop I use to clean the tub and surrounding tile. It does a great job and leaves a very nice aroma. I then put some hot water in the sink and add some cleaner. This really works great on the sink and counter top. I also put about a half cup of cleaner in the potty and scrub scrub scrub - it works great. After all that, I use the cleaner and hot water to mop the floor. When I'm finished, the entire bathroom is squeaky clean and fresh smelling and it lasts for days. I highly recommend it.
Love the fresh scent
Tackles cleaning jobs head on. Leaves such a clean fresh scent, your whole house smells great.
I absolutely love this product. It smells wonderful cleans as you would expect a Mr. Clean product to clean. The it only takes a little bit to get a fresh clean smell And shine.
My love affair with Mr.Clean
This is one of my favorite scents from Mr.Clean, it always leaves my home smelling fresh without a chemical smell. I use it to clean more than my floors. I mix it in a spray bottle and wipe my counter tops, bathtub, around light my switches and door knobs. It's so versitle and one of my must have products when shopping.
Love Mr Clean
Cleans great & leaves a wonderful smell behind. I use it to mop the floors and bathrooms.
Works amazing
The scent is amazing and it works so good. So nice to be able to be able to use it on multisurfaces. Love that it’s a refill because I enjoy using my reusable glass bottles
This cleaner is amazing. Does a good job on many different surfaces and smells great. Told a few friends and now they want to try it. Will definitely buy this again
O Mr Clean and Gain all in one.
I absolutely love the way it cleans first of all, it can be used on multiple surfaces in all areas of your home. The smell is refreshing I use it in the kitchen, bath, I've even used it to clean my outside trash can...yes the big brown one. In my house I can still smell it up to 24 hours after use. I love when I have to run errands and come home to a great smelling home. This item I will definitely buy again and some other great smells I know they have.
I love this product. It leaves my floors so clean and it smells so nice. I love the way it smells. I like that it is not too soapy .
Sparkling Clean
Totally in love with Mr. Clean with Febreeze. Fresh, clean and smells wonderful. A must try !!
Clean smell
Love the smell. Makes everything smell clean. Cuts grease and grime. Love it cleaning bathroom.

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