Palmolive Jabón para manos Ultra Liquid Dish Soap naranja antibacteriano

4.5 5 0 542 542 El líquido para platos Palmolive Ultra Antibacterial está aprobado para matar el 99 % de las bacterias* en los platos, lo que le permite lavar más que la grasa horneada y darle la tranquilidad de saber que sus platos están lo más limpios posible.
Palmolive Jabón para manos Ultra Liquid Dish Soap naranja antibacteriano


Cleans good But....
Cleans the dishes well but not a fan of the scent . You might but it is not for me.
This works good
I use this to wash dishes in my camper when I am camping. Sometimes if I am tired, I go to bed and don't always do the dishes. This gets them clean regardless.
does the job
Bought this once when walmart was out of dawn and its not bad at all, can't really tell a difference
Love this dish soap
This is a wonderful product. Very strong, removes grease easily, and isn’t too too harsh on the hands. I like the dispensary and find the bottle easy to grip with soapy hands, more than competitors’ products.
Not My Fave
It's an okay dish soap but it's the kind of soap that you have to keep adding to your sponge because it doesn't seem to clean good enough. I don't have that issue with some other brands. It'd work okay as a hand soap but not my first pick as a dish soap.
Pretty good
I love that this is antibacterial. I don't love the grease fighting abilities. It works great for cups, but if you have any kind of oily or greasy residue on your bowls/plates, you're going to need to wash them twice. I also wouldn't use this on pots and pans that have had anything greasy in them. But for everyday cups and bowls this will work fine.
It works ok
I've used other products that work much better than this, that being said it didn't cut the grease like I'd expect it to so i could clean properly. I'm not thrilled with the scent either. I bought it because it was on sale but it's just not for me.
Good stuff
It's soapy and it's antibacterial. I recommend this. Has a light fresh scent and my dishes are clean! Only thing I didn't like is it comes out super fast in my opinion.
smells so good
The palmolive dish soap smells so good. It also gets your dishes nice and clean. Another reason I like this soap is it is not harsh on my skin and leaves my hands feeling soft.
Like the results.
This is good especially for called on food. However it was a little drying on my skin.
Good as palmolive original
Have tried Palmolive in addition to others. As usual, Palmolive cuts grease the best while leaving nice and smooth. Easy to use, cleans well and smells clean. Not sure if there is a big difference between this and original (at least I can't tell!). Recommend
Game changer
Palmolive Ultra Dish Soap has earned its reputation as a kitchen essential, delivering a powerful and dependable cleaning experience that stands the test of time. As a steadfast ally in daily dishwashing duties, Palmolive consistently proves its effectiveness in cutting through grease, leaving dishes spotless and hands feeling pampered. The rich, sudsy lather is a hallmark of Palmolive, making dishwashing not just a chore but a pleasant ritual. A little goes a long way with this concentrated formula, ensuring that even the toughest, stuck-on food residues are effortlessly lifted, saving both time and effort.
Palmolive dish soap Antibacterial Orange
Palmolive is usually a good brand of dish soap but this one has a scent that is too strong. The dish soap will do is job, that is not the problem, but the scent is. It is artificial and too fake.
Peace of mind
This antibacterial dish soap from Palmolive is great for when you're sick or have guests over. It's good to know that even with hand-washing, your dishes are getting a bit of extra treatment so there won't be any leftover germs. A little bit lathers up a lot and you can use it to scrub down multiple dishes before rinsing. There's no residue on the dishes and the orange citrus scent is light enough to quickly disappear after you're done washing.
Does the trick
I enjoy using this product. Gentle on hands and still effective for washing dishes. I use this as a hand soap in my kitchen.

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