Té blanco Teavana Youthberry con notas de azahar silvestre

4.7 5 0 138 138 En Teavana, combinamos té de primera calidad, frutas y productos botánicos, años de experiencia y prácticas reflexivas para elaborar deliciosas mezclas de té con sabores en capas para que disfrutes de tu bebida. Nos esforzamos por utilizar los mejores tés, frutas y botánicos premium de regiones conocidas por su excelencia. Youthberry es una mezcla de té blanco cítrico con toques brillantes de sabor tropical con mango, naranja, hibisco y pétalos de rosa. Hay un toque de paraíso en cada sorbo de esta exuberante mezcla. <li> Youthberry: enciende tus sentidos con esta exuberante mezcla de té blanco, mango, naranja, hibisco y pétalos de rosa. <li> Nos esforzamos por utilizar los mejores tés, frutas y botánicos premium de regiones conocidas por su excelencia. <li> Todos los tés Teavana son mezclados por nuestros expertos en té, quienes desarrollan nuestros deliciosos tés y prueban la calidad de cada té, fruta y botánico. <li> Estamos comprometidos con el té 100% de origen ético para 2020; apoyamos a las comunidades productoras de té y las prácticas agrícolas responsables <li> Este pedido incluye un paquete de 15 sobres Teavana Youthberry </li>
Té blanco Teavana Youthberry con notas de azahar silvestre


it's good to take cold or hot I love it cold better anda just refreshing
My tastebuds love this tea
I'm a tea drink and love trying new flavors and brands. Youthberry is a citrus blend with pops of tropical that are pleasing to the tastebuds. It's a refreshing pop of orange and mango plus other flavors that go well together.
Okay tea
My husband and I weren’t big fans of this tea. It’s a little too fruity for us especially when sugar is added. Reminded me of water down fruit punch. I enjoy more of a classic tea leaf flavor. We had friends over and they liked it though. It’s okay I guess.
My favorite tea
This is my favorite tea. Love the fresh berry flavor & the little bit of caffeine. It's my go to when I feel like a hot drink or even something sweet. Definitely recommend this tea.
Always a favorite
I originally found this tea while working for Starbucks. It was one of my favorite teas. Then Starbucks stopped carrying Youthberry, which crushed me. When they started selling it in these packs at Walmart, I was ecstatic. It’s just as amazing as I remembered. It’s fruity, and has a little caffeine. Perfect for a morning tea. I highly recommend!
Nice Flavor
This brand is really good. I love the see through triangle bags and it's loaded with flavor. I've tried a few different flavors and liked them all.
As a person who drinks tea every morning I love the taste and aroma of the tea.
This is one of my FAVORITE Teas ! if your a Tea/Herbal drinker, this TEA is for you! Its delicious hot or cold !
I love this tea. I received it as a gift, never knew it excited. Now I buy more as soon as I’m low. It’s got a nice fruity, floral, delicious taste. I would highly recommend trying this tea!!
Afternoon Pleasure
I love tea and have a strong “cuppa tea” every morning. I have a busy schedule but every afternoon I take a few minutes, sit down and make a cup of tea. Teavana Youth Berry has become a guilty pleasure. It tastes too good! I love the aromatic blend that helps me to relax and unwind for a short break. I have several Teavana blends but this is my favorite! I recommend it whenever a friend stops by to visit.
Amazing Tea
I was grateful to find these since all the stores closed. I love the flavor and make both hot and cold tea.
Love it. Also referred to several of my friend. They also love it
Teavana Review
The tea is expensive, so I don't use it on a daily basis, but it is great to have around for special occasions. It is delicious and very pretty too.
I love this Teavana youth berry tea. The flavor is delicious and smooth. It has a pleasant and soothing sent. I like the hibiscus flavor and sent. It is energizing. My whole family enjoys drinking it.
My favorite tea!
I tried this tea while working for Starbucks. It is so delicious. I don't normally like flavored teas but this one is hands down the most delicious tea I have ever had, flavored or otherwise. It has a lovely fruity taste with a hint of floral notes that make it such a refreshing drink and having it iced is the best. I've also had it with a pump of raspberry syrup to sweeten it a bit and to add a little bit of diversity. My friends and family that I have recommended it to are hooked as well. Definitely a go to favorite.

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