Toallitas desechables Charmin

4.7 5 0 181 181 Pruebe las toallitas desechables Charmin, ahora con una tapa abatible que se puede volver a sellar para mantener sus toallitas húmedas y su hiney Charmin brillante. Son desechables y seguros para su alcantarillado o sistema séptico. Además, el elegante empaque se ve bien donde sea que decidas ponerlo o donde sea que lo lleves.
Toallitas desechables Charmin


The best
I was so happy when these came out. Before flushable wipes I use to have to use diaper wipes and sometimes my kids would forget not to flush them. These wipes work really well and they also come in a pack that can be resealed.
Clean for your sensitive areas
I have tried many wipes and this one seems to be the most comfortable. I do not have to worry about it ripping or leaving a residue or pieces down there. The fact that it is flushable helps too!
Wet wipes
I love these wipes. They are great to have for toddlers and the whole family. They are soft and flushable. They smell good and have the right amount of moisture. They should be in everyone’s bathroom!
2nd choice
If my main choice of disposable wipes is unavailable these are my go to. They tear easily and just don’t feel as comfortable as some other brands. Although I must say they last a while. I once had some in a bag that I forgot about and they came in handy when I least expected it. They were a bit dried out but adding water put them back to good use.
Great Wipes
I really like these wipes. They are soft and get the job done. I like that they are not too heavily scented either. I would recommend trying this and seeing how it compares to the others you have tried based on preferences.
Used to be 5 stars
I love these wipes. However the quality has deteriorated and the sheets are smaller. They also tear too easily. Trying to get one out of the package without it tearing is nearly impossible. I have torn many. I wish brands would stop cheapening a once great product.
Charmin wipes
I am incontinent and continent of urine so regular toilet paper is to harsh to use when my skin is already sensitive from leakage. The wipes are moist and gentle which helps calm irritated skin much better than I was expecting it too! I will definitely use in the future.
Charmin flushable wipes
I absolutely love these wipes! They are soft and they leave you feeling nice and clean!
Our whole family loves these flushable wipes. We have them in every bathroom, have an active subscription for them on amazon. i love the packaging, no scent, they are very refreshing.
Used by the whole family
The whole family uses this wipes - but one thing, even if it is flushable, we do not drop this to be flushed out. This does not tear off easily, does not dry out quickly. This is handy and we can bring it anywhere we go, use this also to wipe hands, and other stuff that needs quick clean up.
Does what it needs to do
Have been using this product for a little over a week. Wipes feel nice and work well, just wish they would come out of the package a little smoother. Have ripped a few in half while trying to pull them outm
Love these
These work great and make you feel nice a clean. Use everyday
Love them
They are very soft and clean very well I use these when I go on vacation
These work great
Out of all the flushable wipes I know these have been the best ones. They clean ya really well.
Love Charmin Flushable Wipes
With Charmin wipes you get a very fresh scent that smells great and you get a nice clean area when done! It's not irritating to the skin and doesn't rip when pulling them out! Love using these especially because they are flushable unlike other wipes! I definitely will be purchasing again. Highly recommend trying these!

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