4,2 5 0 76 76 New Ambi Pur 2 in 1 Fresh & Shine will leave your toilet clean and smelling fresh. Refill packs are also available
Ambi Pur: 2 in 1 Fresh & Shine
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Messy and leaking
Not the best product for toilets. Mine leaked and it is messy fit the refill.
Great in keeping toilets clean and smelling great all day long.
I have tried several similar products and have found this to be the only one that leaves a lasting fragrance, and continues to smell nice long after the first use. It lasts longer than most and does not stain the toilet.
We LOVE ambi-pur, a slight bit pricey though ... and out of stock for over 6 months... have even asked Clicks to order some but its discontinued on their order list. Sad.
This is so amazing with it's fresh smell. It stays in one's bathroom everytime you flush...I love it!
I like the smell and the freshness it keeps the toilet smelling fresh.
I have used it and I love the smell of it most importantly I love that it does the work for me, I don't always have to wash the toilet after I've used it, it cleans for me :) is a definite must HAVE
Smells nice. But I think it's a bit expensive for a product that does not lasts that long. If this product is used daily... it does not even lasts for 2 weeks.
Great smelling, Love it , would recommend to anyone!
I have tried this product and it is great. I do hope that you get to try this out.
I use this all the time, in fact it is all I use! Love the range and the smell it generates every time I flush. Fills the air with a fragrance and leaves the bowl bubbly fresh.
I love this product, love the scent the most. Would recommend it to anyone!
Use this frequently! I love the citrus fragrances which smells lovely!
I tried this and it only lasts about a week. Compared to the solid soap cleaner like Toilet Duck. I wont buy this again especially at the current price.
I have always used Ambi pur, but not the 2 in 1. please sent me some samples

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