Bokomo Rusks Cinnamon & Ginger Traditional Cut

4,4 5 0 143 143 They are an ultimate companion for an indulgent "me-moment". With all the goodness of a snack, it fits in perfectly with a modern lifestyle. Indulge in these delicious treats anytime of the day.
Bokomo Rusks Cinnamon & Ginger Traditional Cut


Any time snack
It's an "anytime" snack in my home. My kids and I enjoy these rusks they are tasty and delicious. I enjoy them with coffee in the morning and evening and on cold days. My kids enjoy they with warm milk. They dip them inside the warm milk and come out soggy and they'd bite into each rusk.
An'anytime' snack in my home. I enjoy it
I like my cinnamon and ginger rusks so much I would have them with my creamy coffee or tea,especially during breakfast time
Bokomo Rusks
Excellent winter Breakfast with coffee. Great supplement for you winter cereals. I prefer either buttermilk or condensed milk flavours in the morning. I would highly recommend it
Love it!
The cinnamon and ginger has become one of my favorites. I have it on its own or during a coffee break.
bokomo rusks
this is an 'anytime' snack in my home. enjoyed by whole family
Rusks for eveytime of the day
I enjoy it when I snack, in the morning with coffee and anytime I feel like having something to eat. I wont change nothing on this brand. it a must have and I recommend it anytime and every day.
I didn't enjoy them
They are nice to snack but I just hate the smell. I would have preferred them cinnamon only with ginger tea 🍵
not that good but You can enjoy it with coffee
I do not like the ginger taste ,someone else would but for me it was too strong. I would recommend This if you are a fan of ginger but if not then stay away lol :). overall the product is not bad
I love it
Easy to snack with. Also good for breakfast with coffee. They are very tasty
Love it
Ginger it's my favorite this rusk are melting moments especially when you deep in your hot cup of coffee
I love them with a cramy cup of coffee n they are so filling.
Bokomo Rusks
Bokomo Rusks cinnamon & ginger traditional cut tastes very nice and I enjoy them with my tea and coffee. I can indulge on this Rusks any time of the day and they actually calms me, not sure if its because of the cinnamon or ginger.
Im a rusk lover this one of my quick meal, very tasty
My addiction
This has become my addiction especially ow being pregnant and winter. I love them

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