4,1 5 0 49 49 Bos Ice Tea is now available in a refreshing Lemon Flavoured Sparkling variant. Bos Ice Tea is made from GREEN ROOIBOS, is preservative, colourant and caffeine free.
Bos Ice Tea: Lemon & Yuzu Green Rooibos
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The green tea and lemon are amazing. I have yet to find a flavour of BOS Ice Tea that I am not fond of. Every flavour is tasty and refreshing. We collect the cans at home and use them as 'pots' for our cactuses. This product is useful to us in many ways.
I love ice tea, very refreshing for our hot summer days. i love it with crushed ice.
My family love BOS tea the Lemon flavour seems to be a hit!!!
I love Ice tea but BOS is my favourite. The packaging also makes it very appealing. Would be great to have bigger sized tins in variety
I have tasted both of these flavours and they are both delicous. Bos is my go-to ice-tea brand at the moment
At the moment this is the best ice tea option on the market. It is not filled with all that sweetner, however still have a refreshing taste.
A sponsor of the Spur Trail Series and is provided after the race to help the body recover.
Great tasting ice tea soothing cool flavor and not too sweet
I love this iced tea! Great taste and in my opinion better than all the iced teas I have tried!
We love the designs on the tins. Bos Ice Tea is not as sweet as some of the other brands. refreshing.
This is great and refreshing. Feel free to have it on the rocks, especially now that Summer is on its way!
i have tried both flavours and both are really refreshing!
I have tried the lemon flavour, but don't know what the Vuzu one is, will try it if I see it...
Love this, so practical and healthy. Refreshing and great for kids lunchboxes
Very refreshing, love the new flavour. Very enjoyable.

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