4,2 5 0 161 161 For an interesting twist to your everyday olive, Buffet now offers Anchovy stuffed olives as a tasty alternative to add to dishes or salads. The easy to open can offers convenience and easy storing.
Buffet Olives Anchovy Stuffed
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My mom adores these. She does buy them alot and swears by this
These stuffed olives are so packed with flavour that they actually need to be eaten by themselves, maybe with some cheese and biscuits. Lovely punchy flavour
I love anchovies and I love green olives. Since first reading the reviews on HTC, I made it my mission to find this product and try it. I was disappointed. Both anchovies and olives have a very distinct taste yet this combination in this can has none of these flavours. Its almost like the best parts of each were cancelled out by each other in a can of brine leaving just a hint of a fishy after taste - which is just disappointing to say the least. Not a product I will purchase again. Sadly my expectations may have been too high on this one.
My family favorite olives
I wouldn't recommend any other olives except for these ones. I garnish all my salads with them and some times I just snack on them.
Not to bad, But the garlic one is the best thing ever!
I have tried these and they are absolutely marvelous. You should think of making a larger tin as well
I have tried all the olives in the Buffet range.. The anchovy is really nice, but the garlic stuffed olives are the BEST!
I have tried the stuffed anchovy but the stuffed garlic is the best! Good quality olives.
i would like to try these olives - stuffed with anchovy hope the not to salty
These are lovley, but best with pizza due to the anchovy it is extra salty.
These are delicious! Perfect for those who love salty olives. Divine with cheese and crackers
grew up with buffet olives my mum's favorite and now mine always have some of these on the kitchen shelves
For those that love anchovy and olive on their pizza this works as a quick alternative
I am a huge fan of Olives, and stuffed olives is now my favourite and I love it! Simply delicious treat!
I have not tried the anchovy stuffing but love the garlic one.

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