4,2 5 0 54 54 <p>PRACTICAL</p> <p>Canderel tablets dissolve easily in your tea and coffee to give you the delicious sweet taste you love without having to compromise. For hot drinks with a twist visit the Canderel kitchen</p> <p>DELICIOUS</p> <p>Canderel Tablets allow you to add sweetness to your hot drinks anytime, anywhere and with zero added calories. So you can still enjoy a delicious sweet taste without worrying about watching your weight</p> <p>VERSATILE</p> <p>Our handy little dispenser fits snugly into your handbag, so it’s just the thing when you’re on the move. Our larger dispensers are perfect for keeping in the home or at work to ensure a healthy lifestyle.</p>
Canderel Limited Edition
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Tastes like sugar
Great replacement for sugar and it has no aftertaste like many sweeteners have.
Nice and sweet
I usually buy these for my hubby but I also use it now and then to sweeten my tea or coffee and its great as it does not leave an aftertaste.
My grandpa is diabetic and he drinks this sugar in coffee, tea and his porridge.
i always prefer to use sweetners than sugar... ive tried these, they are perfect and much healthier than original sugar
I am isulin resistant, this helps in keeping my coffee and life sweet! No nasty after taste, best product out there
Very popular with coffee shops, I work in the coffee trade.
Canderel is my absolute favourite brand of sweetener.
The container gave some issues, would constantly break the tablets and difficult to get tablets out, perhaps I just had a faulty one. I like the taste, I've successfully adjusted to using it in my coffee, still prefer sugar in tea.
I have used it before but would be great to try out a sample.
The small format was a wonderful idea .Easy to leave in you`re handbag.Canderel comes a long way and is still one of the best sweetness for all types of drinks
I have used numerous times but now I cannot afford to buy as bI am tight on budget. Please send me some samples to trybwith my beloved friends and family.
I have used it before but would be great to try out a sample.
i currently use the canderel powder sticks. perfect for my cereal
being a diabetic is not easy and Canderel makes life a whole lot sweeter
still prefer the normal sugar but cut down on the amount

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