4,2 5 0 105 105 "With Sensifoam technology, Colgate Sensitive with Sensifoam Active Whitening transforms into a fine foam to reach all exposed areas of teeth for a clean feeling.* Helps restore natural whiteness of teeth. ** When used regularly, it provides effective protection for sensitive teeth"
Colgate Sensitive with Sensifoam
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i love this product. i would use this again without a doubt.
Love this Colgate
I love this Colgate it cleans my teeth and leaves my mouth fresh all day long
COLGATE SENSITIVE - tried and tested
Very good product, takes the sensitivity out of my mouth. Can eat as normal when using product three times a day. will recommend to all my family and friends.
Love the foam effect
I liked the foam effect I could definitely see how it would clean all the hard-to-reach places in your mouth. Fresh taste, and it does whiten your teeth ...a bit... I'm a coffee drinker so that's really important to me. Definitely buying again.
Colgate Sensifoam
Love the foam feeling. Keeps my mouth fresh and clean for longer.
The best
Best for sensitive gums. My gums are sensitive and would sometimes bleed, after i started using this toothpaste it completely stopped.
Gives you a new lease at life
It helps for sensitivity and keeps you smiling all day , we have been using this product for a long time and it is our preferred toothpaste
Colgate Sensitive with Sensifoam
Loved this product! keeps your breathe fresh for longer with various flavours
Colgate Sensitive Sensifoam
I love this new toothpaste, from the packaging (that makes it easy to get all the toothpaste out) to the foam it creates inside your mouth. It helps with the sensitivity of your gums and teeth.
it works!
My hubby has sensitive teeth and gums, he has tried many products before, and as he is quite fussy, either he didn't like the taste, or they just didn't work. I got him to try Colgate Sensifoam, and not only does it work, but he finds the taste to be pleasant as well.
Colgate sensitive helps to keep your gums and teeth from any pain.I always use the sensitive toothpaste and I never have issues with my teeth sensitivity anymore.
Not a fan
I have tried this. I did not like the foam as it left a weird aftertaste in my mouth. Will stick to Sensodyne
Help me alot with my sensitive teeth. The kids and hubby enjoy using it.
Golden toothpaste
I highly recommend this product as it left my mouth feeling fresh and clean throughout the duration of the day.
What an excellent product!!!! But why does it have to be so expensive??? This is one of the best sensitive toothpastes in the market.

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