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Flaming Tiger Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce
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This is now my go-to chilli sauce! I could never cook without it again..
Discovered it in Woolworths. I love it. Never went back to any other sauce.
I lie.. i havent tried this but hubby has and he loves it! He loves spice, as he says put the toilet roll in the fridge ;) for me it just burns my tongue
I have tried this. People boast a lot about product on the cooking channel. I liked it. Its like packo garlic chilli sauce, just smoother in texture.
Being a complete chili and all things hot lover, I was super excited when I saw that we can get this product on the shelves! More tasty than hot, but still with a bit of a punch.
Absolutely love this product. Its not just the ordinary chilli sauce. Its smokey and very taste and a bonus is you can put it on almost anything :)
This sauce is awesome and has become a firm favourite in my home.
this company is the only companyi buy my sriracha sauce from this one is a well blanced flover which is not really hot it is great for all kinds of foods and my son and i love it for basically a lot of the foods we eat great company great product dont buy anyone eles sriracha sauce
i love this product especially directly with open sandwiches with avocado and all types of eggs. love, love ,love
Love this sauce...Try it over avo and eggs on toast for an extra kick!
By far the best hot sauce we have tried to date. It goes well with anything and can be used to spice up dishes, not just as a condiment. Love it!
This is a spicy tasty sauce that can be added to any dish just to give it a little kick!
This is on the shopping list every month, can be used in every meal. Love it.
This is a very nice sauce, not too hot for those who don't like spicy foods. It just gives any dish that extra kick to make it delicious
You can really enjoy the flavour profile of this sriracha sauce. It isn't just straight heat.

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