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Flaming Tiger Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce
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This is one of our favourite chilli sauces ever and we LOVE chilli sauce. It's hot enough and very tasty. Only problem is that it's a bit expensive to buy every month.
O my , This stuff is strong. I told my son i need to buy and he gave me some because he said they love it . My mouth burnt so , he had to laugh . I found some recipies i want to try out. Sample please. I got myself a bottle and it is very nice in the food.
I loved this product when I tried it while out, would love to get samples of it to share with family!
LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! Mix it with mayo if you are not fond of the strength but love a little spice:)
Simply love this sauce...best to cook with it asvit tastes nicer if used to cook with or make dipping sauce as opposed to using it as a condiment over food
Great all round taste. Versatile product. Used it in other sauces, burgers, marinades and with pizza.
I tried this at a friends house, really enjoyed the taste. Not too strong for my tastebuds
I am absolutely obsessed with this Sriracha. I eat it on everything!
the worst sriracha that my wife and i have tasted. The sauce is completely out of balance compared to other brands. Its made in Cape town and not Thailand. The Original Flying Goose brand is far better and easier on the palate.
Love this sauce. It's a must on my grocery list every month
My husband bought this and now we use it on almost all our food, great sauce with just the right amount of burn
Delicious Asian condiment. Use it on anything from burgers to chicken, in salad dressings, etc.
I tried some this weekend and was really surprised at the flavor! It tasted so good with our cream cheese cookie-snacks! I would definitely buy this product and recommend it to everyone!
Purchased this product from Checkers this past weekend. Purchased at a fair price and its amazing. i love the garliciness (not really a word, i know) of it and the spicy flavour that you get after. I LOVE IT!!!
It must to have if you are a person who loves hot things, especially on hot wings and some steak on braai its taste amazing. I really enjoyed it

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