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Iwisa Creamy Maize Flour
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I have always been a pap lover and always used the Iwisa product. I stumbled appon the Iwisa creamy flavour. its truly worlds appart from any other product in the market. i am not sure how long its been on the market. i would reccomend this product to any person that consumes pap its truly the best.
iwisa creamy maize flour
super fine texture, I can recommend to all. taste really good
Iwisa Maize Meal
growing up in our househol, we always used the same brand, however when I moved to my own place I started trying out other brands. Last year I spent a lot of time in PTA and somehow the stores around stocked Iwisa more than other brands, so I used it a lot and aia must say, besides it's very fine texture and very white color which put me off initially. After cooking it I couldn't see any difference, the taste is no different to all the other Maize Meals I've used in the past. except for the texture and color tone, it is as good as my number one brand.
best pap
I have been using normal Iwisa for a very long time. i decided to try the creamy one i will never go back it really is so creamy and smooth.
Great taste
Wonderful texture and taste great. Easy to make and serve in various ways.
Very good maize meal.
In our house we are very keen on using Maize meal and this is one of our favourites. Very easy to cook on stove top or microwave oven. Very good taste and a very forgiving meal to cook with, for some reason the chances of getting exactly what texture you want is so much easier with this compared to other brands.
Last Cremella
Really fantastic product with a smooth consistency that's really easy on the tongue. Not a all granular like other maize products
Maize meal
A good, healthy product, serves as breakfast, snack and main meals. Make use in variety ways . Easy and quick ways to use.
Life Saver
Simply the best Tried and tested The whole family is hooked!
love it
I love Iwisa because it does not take long to cook and its fluffy
Iwisa maize meal
must say this porridge comes out good every time, a lovely taste and my kids love it, a good product to have in the house that is healthy
Amazing for porridge
Bought this product by mistake. I thought I was buying normal maize meal realised when I got home. So I figured I couldn't make pap with it and used it to make porridge and fermented porridge. The yummiest. Didn't need to add butter to my porridge.
Super pap
Iwisa is easy to find in the stores due to its branding colour. My gardener and cleaner always ask me not to buy any other brands.
Best ever
Oh yes I've tried it for the 1st time and guess what I went and buy big bag it so soft and very tasty I prefer it more then the ones I used to use I'm loving it
Maize flour? If it is flour no I have not tried it but if it is Mielie meal then you it would be hard to beat

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