4,4 5 0 89 89 The 5 in 1 fresh disks lasts up to 600 flushes with continuous fragrances and prevents stains that harbor germs.
Johnson Duck 5IN1 Fresh Discs Active Citrus
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fresh and clean .. every household must have this. keeps the toilet clean at all times.
Since i use grey water in my cistern i have become obsessed with a nice smelling toilet this was one of the products i bought . I am not sure what it does if it kills germs or what but ....what i do know it smells good .
I love the convenience of this product, its easy to use and does the job.
These discs are a regular item on my shopping list. It releases the most lovely smell upon a flush and one does not have to touch a disgusting ring block to clean it as it withers away with each flush. It is long lasting (about more than a month in Cape Town - cause we only flush it down when its brown with the our current water crises) but generally it would last about a month.
I like the way of using this economy product nice clean and shiny
My husband and I love this product. Our toilet is always smelling fresh
This product is amazing. It smells so good I use it at home
Long lasting and remains fresh long after 10-20 flashes
Good product,leaves the bowl smelling clean. Only thing ia that I find it does not last very long.
Johnson has been a part of our cleaning regime for some time now. The Duck 5in1 fresh toilet discs are user friendly, smells so nice and kill those yucky toilet germs! LOVE
Love it, Love it. No mess, and it smells nice. My favourite is the blue one.
An absolute must have for any home. I have 3 boys and bathroom cleaning is not easy, but with this product one worry is less. Great smelling and it works. I am already recommending it far and wide
It's wonderful! It keeps our toilet nice and fresh. Truly amazing
It leaves my toilet clean and fresh. It has such a great smell. I love it. Easy to use!
Best solution in my house for bathroom. No fuss to clean or replace. Smells great as well. Don't use anything else.

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