4,5 5 0 88 88 The naturally tasty seasoning contains garlic, onion, bay leaf and tumeric, with no MSG added.
Knorr Aromat Naturally Tasty Seasoning
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I had recently purchased this one. I grew up eating the original which I do not like...its too salty. This one is actually less salty and more extra spices which gives it a better taste...I love using it on my toast veg.
Light and flavourful
Garlic, onion, turmeric and bay leaf all in one, what more can you ask for? This is light and not as salty as the original aromat which I like. And the best part, no MSG! I would recommend as a seasoning especially for little ones.
Herbal Seasoning
Being so used to the original aromat, this took sometime to get used to. However I liked the element of herbs and garlic but honestly this is not for slap chips or eggs. I use it for marinating braai meat
Taste so good use it for cooking even my kids use it, its not not salty
Knorr aromat tasty
Love it its so tasty and leaves my food tasting dilicious I use it on almost every thing great product
Spice Explosion
Really tasty. Absolutely yummy on potato chips and steaks. I like that it has a nice earthy fresh taste. If you have not tried this, please do!
I love using aromat when braaing meat or eating food
Naturally Aromat Of Course
Original aromat has always been a hit with potatoes, veg and mielies...the new natural flavour doesn't have the strong salty aromat taste but is great on salads and veggies. A nice change to the usual flavour we know.
Love it
We as family love this new aromat with herbs and spices. It is great on meat and potatoes. I think you can sprinkle it on anything;)
my mother in law gave us one to try, and it really is a very nice spice. it can be used on almost anything and the tase is wonderful
Just like the original!
So happy that Knorr brought out this product. Tastes just like normal Aromat, just a healthier version .
Oh so chuffed
I stopped using Aromat a long time ago because I have a sensitivity to MSG but I was so glad to come across this new product. The closest taste to original Aromat without the bad stuff!!
Very close to the original!
This is the closest they will get to the original taste of Aromat without those nasty preservatives! Definitely my new favourite!
I've always loved Aromat but stopped using it because of the msg. I love the healthier alternative. It still provides a simular tasty seasoning for vegetables, meat and eggs like the original aromat.
Love this product. Has a nice taste even without the MSG. I would use this any food.

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