4,6 5 0 57 57 Conveniently packaged in 20 individually wrapped tea bags, Lipton Peach Mango Tea offers an uplifting taste that can be enjoyed hot or as an iced tea. <p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/lipton-peach-mango-black-tea.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Lipton Delicious Peach Mango Black Tea
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was introduced to Lipton tea by my father and since then I have grown to love it so much.
I really enjoyed this tea. It's really flavourful and would make amazing iced tea.
Delicious light tea
Very well flavoured light tea, i know they say its a black tea on the packaging but Alas i find other teas a-lot headier than this box, Great for a refreshing at home ice tea or just a basic refreshing tea to read with. Not a great buy doing winter. This will always be my summer come spring tea vibe
Lipton  Delicious Peach Mango Black Tea
 Delicious Peach Mango Black Tea Love this product , tried it and it tasted great, would definitely be purchasing more. There are many flavors but this is the best I have tasted..
Lipton Tea
Tasty tea with peach and Mango flavour , which I have daily. Raj
Nice fusion of flavours
I enjoy plain black tea but I do like a change from time to time. I have found this black yeah to be very nice
Such a refreshing product. Love it. Diffenatly will recommende to friends and family 👪
Lipton_Peach and Mango
Super delicious, Strong yet subtle. Good flavour and strength
A refreshing drink for all
A refreshing drink for all - my son and his friends loves this
I'm not a fan of ice tea however this is one flavor that gets my taste buds excited! Its refreshing and soothing and very healthy but it must be served chilled with plenty of ice cubes.I would definitely recommend this beverage even to coffee lovers.
I expected the taste to be stronger. Need to use more tea bags
nice taste and refreshing
This a must have for the winter season.... It has a warm natural taste, slept restfully after drinking. The peach flavor makes it more delicious. I recommend it any one who might have used Lipton before - to try it out
peach and mango
tried this tea about two months ago and did not stop using it, it smells amazing and tastes fruity
Love it
I really enjoy this tea. So refreshing and full of taste. I drink it both hot and cold and love it just the same.
Lipton tea
I just love the refreshing taste of this. It is nice and refreshing with a fruity taste

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