4,7 5 0 144 144 Prepared from the best South African products Mrs H.S.Ball's Chutney is now available in sweet chilli sauce 900ml.
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Love this product adds amazing flavour to dishes and makes for a wonderful special touch in marinades
I bought this product and used it on my roast chicken and on my pizza. I love it. Will always buy it. its is convenient to use.
I absolutely love this product. I put it on everything. Just adds a little more flavour to every dish.
Mrs Ball's chutney used to be my favourite sauce but I have since moved on to the Mrs Balls Sweet Chilli Sauce. Full of flavour! I use it as a dip and also add to my cooking.
I always buy the big one because it goes very fast in our home. I use it for lots of different foods or salads.
This is a fantastic buy. I tried it with my meatballs the past sunday and the family loved it. You will will not go wrong with such a sause!
I love this sauce. Mr Ball's products are my usual go to! They are the best.
Yum, Yum, Yum. Love Mrs Balls Sweet Chilli Sauce. Sweet and just enough heat.
I love Mrs Ball, i use on my beetroot and add feta cheese and it adds that tangy, nice texture to the beetroot. Its also great for making sticky wings. I absolutely love it.
Mrs Ball's is the best even the sweet chilli sauce is great.
Absolutely love the Sweet chilli sauce, It add so much vibe to the anything, from a sandwich to some dip for snacks.
It's is full of taste and I use it for both cooking and enhancing my dishes. Always great quality
Makes an awesome Sweet and Sour sauce for Asian dishes. And a beautiful compliment to a Cape Malay curry.
Mrs Ball's product always tasty. The sweet chilli sauce to versatile, resulting in delicious dishes. Mrs Ball's a stable in our household.
once again Mrs Balls have produced an amazing tasty chutney in true South African taste

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