4,7 5 0 148 148 Prepared from the best South African products Mrs H.S.Ball's Chutney is now available in sweet chilli sauce 900ml.
Mrs H.S.BALL'S Sweet Chilli Sauce 900ml
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enjoyed in my stews and with braais. delicious in a pasta noodle salad as well as sweet and sour chicken - it improves the flavour. would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality chutney
Its the best sweet chilli that i have tasted,it doesnt even compare with other brands
Yummy - this is great even spread over a sandwich with grated cheese. You can't go wrong with anything Mrs. Ball's makes.
This is awesome. I use it to dip most of my foods. Spring rolls, samoosas and chicken strips and meatballs. Also just great over food.
Love this product adds amazing flavour to dishes and makes for a wonderful special touch in marinades
I bought this product and used it on my roast chicken and on my pizza. I love it. Will always buy it. its is convenient to use.
I absolutely love this product. I put it on everything. Just adds a little more flavour to every dish.
Mrs Ball's chutney used to be my favourite sauce but I have since moved on to the Mrs Balls Sweet Chilli Sauce. Full of flavour! I use it as a dip and also add to my cooking.
I always buy the big one because it goes very fast in our home. I use it for lots of different foods or salads.
This is a fantastic buy. I tried it with my meatballs the past sunday and the family loved it. You will will not go wrong with such a sause!
I love this sauce. Mr Ball's products are my usual go to! They are the best.
Yum, Yum, Yum. Love Mrs Balls Sweet Chilli Sauce. Sweet and just enough heat.
I love Mrs Ball, i use on my beetroot and add feta cheese and it adds that tangy, nice texture to the beetroot. Its also great for making sticky wings. I absolutely love it.
Mrs Ball's is the best even the sweet chilli sauce is great.
Absolutely love the Sweet chilli sauce, It add so much vibe to the anything, from a sandwich to some dip for snacks.

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