4,8 5 0 1665 1665 The Lumio pod coffee machine is an extremely compact coffee machine with a gorgeously minimalist design that lets you enjoy over 20 coffee creations. Coffee-shop quality espressors to bold black coffee, cuppuccinos, frothy lattes, chocolates, teas or even iced coffee and other delicious hot and cold beverages prepared with one easy push of a button.<p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/nestle-dolce-gusto-coffee-maker-black.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto®
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tried the product at friends place really loved the coffee tasted exactly like what i would normaly get at your local coffee shop if it wasnt for the price I would probably get one
Excellent product
Tasted in a shop once and it was awesome, but cant afford it so i will drink when on promo
Coffee pods
The machine works wonderfully! I love the flavours that is available for this variant. The pods are a bit on the expensive side but a beautiful blend non the less
Good Coffee
The coffee for the machine is the best there is, I rated one star less because the price is ridiculously high.
Excellent product
We are in the process of trying all the pods and so far we are loving it. The taste is smooth, creamy and full of flavor. The coffee is strong and the aroma full the house.
Well Worth The Price
We love this product. We are trying all the different pods and we love everything.
Coffee machine
My love for coffee couldn't resist on this one.. had to buy it and the efficiency of the machine is great. I definitely am one for the Nescafe product and this is by far my best i have spent momey on...😙😙😙
What a treat
I love coffee and this is a major treat. Expensive but worth it.
Dolce gusto best ever
The best ever investment it's so easy to make and the coffee is devine, there is some good flavours and not so good ones i most like the cappuccino and the cafe au late, i wish there will be more different flavours in the future i would recommend it to anu coffee lovers
I love coffee time and this machine makes it so easy and relaxing to make a cup of coffee! At first I was disappointed that there were not many pods that were compatible, however, more and more flavours are coming out for DolceGusto, so I'm happy! Best investment in a long time.
Dolce Gusto
We have this machine at home. We love it. Pods are expensive so really only drink this on occasions. We love the Mocha , Caramel Latte and the café au lait.
I tried this at my friends house, and I am in love. Great taste, frothy, creamy and smooth on the tongue. I would love to own one of these for my own personal use. Hahaha and it will go next to my bed, so I can wake up next to my new best friend
Amazing Latte
I have the machine and find the original pods are amazing , the taste and aroma speaks volume. The chai latte proved to be really as amazing as the coffee capsules.
Gusto machine
Love the machine, pods are way too expensive if you compare it to the other brands... yet so worth it for the taste of the coffee.
Best Coffee!!!
Invested in this machine, and it was worth every cent. Makes great coffee, latte, cappuccinos and tea. Great coffee in no time. The water descaling liquid is not widely available, but vinegar and water works great for emergencies.

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