4,3 5 0 30 30 Nescafe Ricoffy Intense is a special blend of strong-roast coffee beans and chicory, making your cup of coffee taste perfectly smooth and yet stronger.<p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/nescafe-ricoffy-intense.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Nescafe Ricoffy Intense
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Same as normal
I find this coffee not to be stronger than the normal recoffee I find it taste the same in strength.
Stronger the better
My husband loves this coffee,he love the tast and the strong taste and smell of this Coffee.This is the only coffee brand we buy,satisfaction every time you have one cup.
Not worth the money
When we saw the Ricoffy intense on the shelves where got very excited and expected a full strong coffee, however we where left disappointed as we pay double or tripple the price and it tastes just like 2 spoons of regular Ricofffy.
Wont buy it again
I didn't like the taste of this, wont be buying it again
Ricoffy Intense
I have been buying Ricoffy for the past 37 years. I saw the new Ricoffy Intense so I bought a tin. Very Pricey but I wanted to try it. It has a nice taste but I would have to get use to it.
Better the Ricoffy Original
My go-to coffee at home is Ricoffy but my sister purchased this and I tried it and I must say, way better than the original ricoffy. The taste is bold and very flavourful, something the original Ricoffy has lacked lately. Please make a bigger can
A bit expensive but soooooooooooooo worth it,love the intense bold taste in the morning. Please make it in bigger tins
Not a fan
I dont like this product. I dont like the taste of any of the Ricoffee brands.. sorry not a fan! :(
Great taste
I love my Ricoffy strong without sugar or milk. Intense Ricoffy tastes great and is stong.
this coffee is great, i love it, tastes wonderful.
Nescafe Ricoffy Intense
I love strong coffee and this product gives me the strong coffee I need to wake me up in the mornings :)
Intense a little too strong
intense is a little bit too strong for my caffeine needs
Good coffee
This is a good strong blend of coffe, and value for money
Nescafe Ricoffy Intense is a must buy .Flours is very intense and is like heaven :) whene you drink this brand
nescafe ricoffy intense
i love the flavour of this product, as an avid ricoffy drinker I must admit that I have changed to this brand of ricoffy

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