4,6 5 0 1856 1856 The NEW Colgate Total 12 toothpaste improves the health of your whole mouth, and helps reduce germs on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums.</p> Click <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/colgate-total-12-range-5-pack.html"><b>here to BUY</b></a> the product.
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I haven't tried this product but from all the reviews I will definitely try it soon. I use the normal collgate toothpaste.
Seems like an interesting one. Looking forward in trying this one
I have tried colgate and it has been wonderful, I want to try this one
I would like to try this whitening tooth paste. I would really like to test and see if it is really effective. I have tried few products before and it is not as effective as they said.
I haven't tried this product yet. I wouldn't mind a sample to try. I will look out for it on the shelves
I am a smoker and have always been skeptical to try out new products
My family uses whitening toothpaste would be open to test for review and share with family thanks
Would like to test it ... been using the normal not the improved one ...but the container is notwide especially the opening. ...so thus on it better ..you dont have to press long
Hi Team Kindly nominate me to try this product and if I love it I will gladly switch to it regards
Will try this soon. Hope it works as per reviews. Will advise on the progress
I love good hygiene and always teach my kids to brush their teeth twice a day and would love to try this colgate total 12
This should be a good product, send me some to try.
I haven't tried this would love to try it maybe I will be able to buy it
Can i please get a sample of this toothpaste. i love what i have read about it. its just what my teeth need to whiten and brighten my smile. i need my smile refreshed. i would appreciate a sample to test
I would like to try this product Colgate is a great brand will l look out for this product

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