4,6 5 0 103 103 Be cool and confident with the refreshing mint flavor of Orbit Spearmint Gum. </p>"Based on a survey conducted on Home Tester Club, 7 466 members responded to the survey in November 2018. Orbit was ranked their number one brand in South Africa for Best sugar-free gum”</p> Click <a href="https://www.hometesterclub.com/za/en/reviews/categorydetail/150100"><b>here</b></a> to see the full results of the survey.
Orbit Chewing Gum
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These are my "drug"...They taste good and smell fresh; I literally offer them to other people just so they can have the same experience.
Chewing gum
This is my favourite gum ever. I buy this product a lot. I bought to day but they have gone up in price an landed paying 20 rand today at clicks.
Orbit gums are one of the most popular and best bauble gums ever
fresh breathe
this one take my stress away with a fresh breathe all day everywhere I go I always have it with me I like the mint they have doesn't fade away it leaves fresh smell in mouth all day
Its give a good breathe. Its last longer than other products
orbit chewing gum
this chewing gum is mouth refreshing. i have tried different flavours and love them all.
Orbit Spearmint Gum
Very soft gum, easy to choose and one can share one strip.It also leaves a lasting taste on your mouth
Orbit Gum
This is my gum. no other brand or flavour. The spearmint is the best. It last long. even when in my bag or car, it leaves the fresh smell of mint. Love the fact that you get it in sugar free too.
Love this gum as it doesn't stuck to my teeth and flavour lasts long.
Orbit gum
Fresh taste which lasts a little longer than some brands. 1 tablet is not enough so 2 is required for a 'serving'
I love this I keep a few packets in my handbag they come so handy I love to pop an orbit once I have finished eating as the orbit for me seems to clean the mouth from the food that you have eaten it also so many different wonderful flavors I you mouth could not smell any better nor any cleaner.
Orbit Chewing Gum
Spearmint is the plug for a non pleasant smell. Love this gum as it leaves my breath fresh and gives me confidence.
lasts long
Compared to other chewing gum this lasts longer, in my opinion. Refreshing too
Excellent product
I love this!!! Orbit is my best friend... And this is my top brand and flavor... It's great and lasts so long.. It doesn't chew down like most gum...
Love it keeps me confident after a snack and meals

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