4,6 5 0 1056 1056 Peaceful Sleep Family Care Lotion helps protect you and your family against bites of mosquitoes, fleas and flies.
Peaceful Sleep Familycare Lotion
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Works well
Mosquitoes won’t bite you when putting this one. It really helped me and my toddler. And the smell isn’t so strong like other insect repellents.
Peacefull sleep
My kids all been A pos means they are eaten up by these pests so always need a weapon
A Peaceful Sleep Familycare Lotion
Indeed gives a peaceful sleep. Summer days are a nightmare withouth any peaceful sleep products. Definately must have if there are mosquitoes around you.
Works well
I'm a fan of most peaceful sleep product as I find they really are effective. I like that the lotion applies quickly and is not too thick. It lasts for a long time after application and I was comfortable using this on my toddler
Peaceful sleep
Great products agnaist mosquitoes it gives peaceful sleep for real. Just one spray and rub goes a long way
Peaceful Sleep Cream
This is stuff works wonders, keeps all bugs miles aways, no bites no mosquitoes singing around the room, love this cream, doesn't smell either
Peaceful sleep Lotion
I have being using this for the past three years ... Mosquitoes used to bit my baby all the time and used to leave her with a swollen eye ... i went to clicks and was advised that i must try the peaceful sleep lotion ... it was simply the best product i used with my baby and family .
Peaceful sleep
this is by far the best insect and mossie repellant arround. We have a lot of insects and mossies where we stay and this works like no other.
Worls like a bomb!
love this product. Works instantly to repel those pesky mozzies and its easy to use with quickly abosrbed cream. Doesnt leave you with a greasy feeling after applying the cream
Really does give you a peaceful sleep!
This product is a necessity on our monthly shopping list. It is gentle on the skin and the smell is barely there! Would love it in a bigger bottle!
For the whole family
What I love most about this product is that I can use it for my small children as well as for myself. Peaceful sleep is the first thing I pack whenever we go on holiday or take a trip anywhere.
Peaceful sleep
It gives me and my family a peaceful sleep fter using at night. Preparing on one of those nights when mosquitoes and other night flies try to ruin your sleep. This really saves us. Its a food product to use.
Good for mosquitos
yes love it. Gives us a peaceful night sleep. Mosquitos stay away
Peaceful Sleep
This product is the only product that helps protect my family against mosqitos in the night
my little one sleeps peacefully and can play outside while we sit after sunset without me worrying about her getting bitten by mosquitos.. I'm happy with this product

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