4,2 5 0 70 70 San Pellegrino sparkling fruit beverage in an exciting new Limonata flavour with 16% lemon juice. Available in 330ml can.
San Pellegrino Sparkling Lemon Nectar
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I love this. This is delicious. As a drink or even a mix.
Sparkling Lemon
My favourite lemon drink. Delivers the perfect amount of tangy sour. Love this product.
Great taste
I love this the first time I bought I thought they were being extreme with the foil on top and now it makes perfect sense for hygiene total in love and have tried almost all the flavours.
I love sparkling water - so I was excited to try the lemon flavour, however it is too overpowering for me, as I still enjoy the water flavour, the lemon is overpowering.
I've would love to share this with my friends , its amazing great taste far less chemicals and preservatives than other brands. Simply love it !
Delicious and tasty. Very refreshing. Glad to finally have it available in South Africa
My whole family like any kind of juice, they will really enjoy the sparkling fruit beverage., please send me samples to share with
I do think the foil around the top of the can is quite a nice touch since shops have drippages on cans (mold etc.) What matters most is what's inside and in my personal experience, I've found it to be extremely sweet. It's the kind of drink that leaves a layer of flavor on your tongue. If you have sensitive teeth, I would suggest avoiding it since it hurts to eat something after this.
I find this product very bitter. If you have a sweet tooth rather choose a different brand.
Perfect thirst quencher! Lemon dominating flavor and that obvious San Pellegrino great sparkling taste. Best enjoyed well chilled. The foil covering gives you that added confidence of drinking directly from a can (just a personal view).
I bought a tin at Woolworths the other day, as I had seen it advertised on this site. It was delicious! However, it is a little pricey for everyday purchasing.
have tried this once at a restaurant and wow it was refreshing. Could you please send me samples to share with my peeps
My whole family like any kind of juice, they will really enjoy the sparkling fruit beverage., please send me samples to share with friends
With a little Lemon, It’s easy to add a splash of sunshine to a cold, winter day. Tell us how you use colour to make your home feel a little warmer!
very refreshing drink, i purchase it when it's on special, but a great product none-the-less.

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