Simply Cereal Caribbean Crispy Crunchy Clusters

4,6 5 0 68 68 Warm tropical breezes bring scents of ripe papaya, sweet pineapples and rich bananas that awaken your senses and enliven your mind. Tantalise your taste buds with delightful textures of cashew nuts and sun-dried raisins. Experience the Caribbean islands every morning with Simply Cereal's Caribbean Crisp.
Simply Cereal Caribbean Crispy Crunchy Clusters


I love the crunchyness would really highly recommend it to everyone
kids favorate
my kids live everything that comes with this cereal. the different fruits banana and the crunchiness. I also love it and very easy to prepare. I do recommend it for everyone's kitchen must have.
Lovely, 1 of my favorites for a very long time. Fruity and tasty!!!
The comb8nation of fruit, blend together to form delicious filling breakfast.
The comb8nation of fruit, nuts abd muisli blend together to form a delitios, filling breakfast.
I just love eating this in morning for breakfast with yoghurt. I prefer muesli to be crunchy. I even eat it during the day as a snack.
I bought this from checkers a week back living every bowl it has this fresh coconut slices with and axing fruity favour...plese send me some☺☺
This Crunchy clusters are delicious, this is a good breakfast, thanks home testers for showing it t me
The comb8nation of fruit, nuts abd muisli blend together to form a delitios, filling breakfast.
I have been buying this for a while and have never been disappointed, it is both filling and little bursts of fruit are fantastic. I would reckoned this
Simply great with yoghurt or milk, it keeps me fuller for longer and adds energy for the day! Love the clusters.
Simply Cereal Caribbean Crispy Crunchy Clusters tried it and fell in love with product , I have it every morning for breakfast it's delicious, nutritious and tasty
These crunchy clusters are delicious. I will definitely buy again at some point.
Looks good. Nothing beats marketing. Will definitely try it next time on my grocery list. According to other people's reviews it's a thumbs up for fruity and scrumptious . So I will definitely try it.
would like to test this product thank you

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