4,3 5 0 257 257 All the refreshment of original Sprite, with an added taste of cucumber. <p>Click the <a href=" https://www.clubshop.co.za/sprite-lemon-lime-and-cucumber.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Sprite Lemon Lime & Cucumber
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Not a fan
Cucumber taste is overpowering. Does not taste like the refreshing Sprite I love
You can't go wrong with sprite and the extra but subtle cucumber flavour just does the trick
Nice flavour
A nice flavour to mix with alchohol. Its however not tasty on it's own.
not for all
its great if you mix it with gin but on its own its a weird taste
taste a bit too much of cucumber very slight lemon and lime taste.
Nice flavour
Enjoyed the flavour, I even enjoy it more than the original sprite. Love it
Different but good
It's not the traditional sprite taste, but it it still refreshing and a good taste. I like the added refreshing taste to an already great product, recommend it to all who likes the original.
Not the best
I really prefer the original sprite, this doesn't do any justice and I just do not like it at all..
Not the best
This was not the very best. I expected more from this product. I absolutely loved the sprite with cucumber and maybe because of that one I expected more from this flavour. I just feel like it couldve been better. The lime just did not come through.
Love the taste of the new sprite
i really enjoy this soft drink, and can taste the lemon and cucumber, great just on its own or used as a mix with adult drinks. drink for summer or winter, any day of the year.
Absolutely amazing
I absolutely loved the combination of lime and cucumber. It has a unique refreshing taste.
I love the refreshing taste of this Cucumber Sprite, its great ice cold on a hot day or even just a casual day cold drink at the office. I recommend this item
Love me some sprite
I love this. Its the only time i don't feel bad about drinking gas! Great taste definitely my go-to gas drink
I love it and it is my most preferred drink as I tend to be very picky when it comes to drinks but I am in love with this one.
Can really taste the cucumber
It is a refreshing take on the traditional Sprite drink. My family and I all enjoyed it and I love how you can taste the cucumber in it. Not a replacement for traditional Sprite, but a fun alternative if you want something different.

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