4,3 5 0 269 269 All the refreshment of original Sprite, with an added taste of cucumber. <p>Click the <a href=" https://www.clubshop.co.za/sprite-lemon-lime-and-cucumber.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Sprite Lemon Lime & Cucumber
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We drink quite alot of cooldrink but i absolutely LOVE the sprite cucumber,
Cucumber Cool
Totally loved this Cucumber drink. It goes down lovely as a mixer or on its own.
Interesting taste
At first I really didn't like the taste of this. But its starting to grow on me. I like that it is so refreshing when its ice cold. It is also not as sweet as the regular sprite flavour.
Pleasantly Surprised
My daughter convinced me to try one - and now every time we go to the shops she wants one!!! Thanks Sprite!! :) Very refreshing and enjoyable thirst quencher.
Nice tasting and very refreshing - has to be ice cold though.
sprite lemon lime and cucumber
great taste refreshing to drink chilled with ice at its best goes will with vodka goes great with meals simply cooling for a hot day new drink needs no changes. i just simply love it
Sprite Lemon Lime & Cucumber
I recently bought the drink and I am so taken by the nice crisp cucumber flavour in it. It is very nice and cool.I dont have any improvements as it has definately met my expectations and beyond.
Not what i expected
this flavour disappointed me. I expected a refreshing summer drink and all I tasted was a weak, dull mix of flavour. the original sprite taste is way better though.
Sprite Lemon Lime & Cucumber
This does not taste bad at all, a very distinct taste, but refreshing. I will rather stick to the regular sprite for a refreshing drink, but when adding some Gin the Lime & Cucumber works well.
Sprite has done it again
Great sparkling drink. Just the right flavours op cucumber and lime to make this drink something new while still keeping the lovely original Sprite taste. Love it and will most definitely buy this product.
Quenching thirst
Lovely refreshing fizz drink, could taste the lime and cucumber. Makes a great mix with some Gin, mint and lots of rocks.
It tastes really nice. I enjoyed it so much. Never buying normal Sprite again.
Sprite Lemon Fresh
Refreshing. It's a thirst quencher. Taste great with a slice of fresh lemon.
I tried a sample of this drink at our local store previously and did not really enjoy the overpowering flavour of cucumber. I much prefer the Original Sprite flavour!
Good Change
Product is very tasty. I think to make it more refreshing there should be more cucumber 🥒 and lemon 🍋 lime flavor pushing through. The taste of Sprite overpowers the other flavor that's supposed to be mixed in. I otherwise it was rather pleasant.

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