Veet Hair Removal Cream Silk & Fresh Technology

4,6 5 0 263 263 Experience silky smooth skin and delightful scent with the new Silk & Fresh Technology. Removes hair effectively, hydrates your skin for 24hrs and no lingering malodour.
Veet Hair Removal Cream Silk & Fresh Technology


veet hair removal
i feel its a lovley product i use it monthly i use it on my lip and chin if hair is longer than a 1cm it doesnt just remove it all so make sure your hair is short because it can be abit harsh on your skin if you leave it on for 2 long reccomendation please insert cooling strip for afterwards to clean and sooth the area and a tool to scrap of the hair like with the leg tool
The best
So I never used to like creams because they left my skin dark but with nivea it moisturises my skin leaving it smooth and shiny I don’t scratch after or have any bad effects from it
Not for me
It does not completely remove all the hair for me and it burns quickly.
Best hair removal cream ever, gentle on my sensitive skin and you don't have to keep it on for long.
Best hair remover
Since I’ve been using veet hair removal cream, i never experienced any problems and its best, no itching after use, the feel after use is smooth shaved area
Best hair removal cream
This is a best hair removal cream and I have tried most but would end up with itchy shaved area. This 1 is the best no complains
easy to use
It is easy to use and does not affect the skin. Leaves the skin smooth.
I've used veet many times for various issues but i prefer it for legs and underarms. I have sensitive skin and it doesn't agree to me. They could also improve on the smell of it.
Great for sensitive skin, leaves skin smooth and clean
smooth legs
Ah WOW even my husband loves this, after using it, it leaves my skin feeling very smooth & silky
hair removal
This product is great for removing unwanted hair.Its quick and easy to use
smooth and safe to use, does not have a bad odour like most
Veet hair removal cream
It left my skin feel soft and smooth. It removed all my hair. The texture is good and it is easy to use. Although I feel the smell could be improved. I would recommend this product.
Removes hair properly. With a foul smell. Affordable price.
Last longer
After using this product, your skin doesn't itch at all. The hair takes longer to grown back on your legs. I love the feel of your skin after using this product

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