4,9 5 0 14 14 Viral Guard Junior Colds & Flu Immune Protection Syrup 200ml + 50ml combines a range of herbal extracts with essential vitamins and minerals to support your little one's growing immune system. Alcohol & tartrazine free.
Viral Guard Junior Colds & Flu Immune Protection Syrup 200ml + 50ml
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it works
This keeps flu and colds at bay its good to find a product that worksworks
Good for kids
If you have kids in your home I would advise you get this especially with the change of seasons
Viral guard
I really love fast it works, and its highly effective my daughter rarely catches a cold when she uses it.
Awesome in the winter
I absolutely love this product. I purchase it for my son in the winter months and it really does strengthen his immune system and keeps the colds and flu away. I would definitely recommend this product.
Effective and great tasting
The kids do not complain about taking it which is always a plus in my book. Not only that but it really helps protect them against the sniffles and coughs they tend to pick up while at creche. A definite yes!
A must for my kids
I swear by this supplement for my kids especially during the flu season. Its truly a must in our meds cabinet and a daily fix to boost the kids immune system to keep those sickies at bay.
Best Vitamins
I have tried all different types of vitamins for my boys, but i must say this is the best immune protector so far. My kids don't easily fall sick and they love the taste. So, i'm a very big fan of Viral Guard.
Toddler boost
My youngest boys really get's sick easily. After using this viral guard his immune system is much stronger and he doesn't get that sick anymore. Would definitely recommend you try this if you have young children.
Viral Guard
I Have been using Viral Guard for my daughter since she was two, she is now 8 and a bottle is still part of our monthly groceries.
Viral guard works for my daughter, she doesn't even put up a fight. It so easy. The flavour she likes the taste.
It is the very first time that I have seen the "Viral Guard Junior syrup". I guess hometester is promoting this product at the right time of Winter. What more can you ask oh yes, love to try this for my kid during this cold winter period. Looking forward
Would love to try this out on my son as he is not the one who loves taking tablets ,please sent a sample for us to try out
Please send me a free sample of this for my kids, this looks like a good product to have, have not yet seen it in the shop
Don't have children so could not test this one. The adult version works well, though

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