4,8 5 0 4 4 There is nothing more important than ensuring that your kids are growing up healthy and strong. This is why a balanced diet and supplementation are essential, the Vital Kids Range has been specifically developed to help growing bodies and minds cope, focus and thrive.
Vital Kids Range
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My kids absolutely loved this, what an amazing concept. A bit expensive but but worthit
My kids absolutely loved this, what an amazing concept. A bit expensive but all omegas are a bit pricey
Excellent still using it for my granddaughter who hates swollowing pills
my kids loves this one. Getting them to always eat all their veggies does not always work
I would really like to try this product form my little girl
would love to try this on the kids - it is a mission to get them to eat all their veggies
Wow, this looks like something my little guy would actually eat as he loves sherbet. will keep a look out for it!
Would love to try this :-) Struggle with vitamins for my daughter
I have been looking for a product for my daughter like this, would love to try it.
I would love to try this product, i have read up on it and i love it how it is Sachets i just hope it taste great, my little one does not like fish so it would be awesome if you could send me some samples so i could try as i don't want to waste money on something my child will not like. i will share my samples with my mommy group mondays
I would like my son to start having this . The supplement will help with his everyday .
Also looks like a great product that kids will enjoy.
watched an insert about it on the expresso show. they say that it is good. i would love to try for my daughter .
I`d love for my 5 year old to try this!!! I sometimes feel like she looses focus, this might help!!

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