Weigh-Less High Fibre Bran with raisins

4,1 5 0 75 75 Make your breakfast healthier, simpler and easier with Weigh-Less High Fibre Bran now with raisins.
Weigh-Less High Fibre Bran with raisins


Regulating your life
If you want to gave a regular digestive system and also not wanting to be worried about weight. This weight loss fibre is just for you. Add a few squeezes of honey and a dash of milk and you ready to go. Delicious but healthy
Amazing for digestion
This product is amazing for digestion, leaves you feeling regular and not bloated, I eat this on a daily basis now
i like this product
this product is good especcially if you've got constipation issues.
I love this product especially the one with raisins.
The bran is very good especially if you have a problematic tummy that doesnt loosen up easily. Leaves you feeling good the whole day.
I have tried this, very yummy and healthy as well. I wouldn't mind to eat it every day as a healthy breakfast.
I enjoy the taste and also love that I have a healthy option available in stores
I really enjoyed this product with milk. I am definitely switching...
Not the best tasting bran but I guess if it's somehow healthier than other brands, it works.
Most enjoyable cereal I also like it mixed with wheat-bix, or just on its own
It does not have the "cardboard "taste some Bran products have. I will try the one with the raisins added.
this is tasty and healthy, I have bought this on numerous occasions and absolutely love it
I cannot say I will buy it again as I have a friend who is a big weigh-less fundi and I tasted this from her. It is taste-less and the texture after pouring milk is just wrong but the roughage worked instantly as I was regular all day long. I will stick to my normal brand of fibre bran as it is cheaper as well.
I enjoy this product, however I prefer the Muesli version.
Got some from a friend Luved it very much. kept me going till lunchtime

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